American Grown by Michelle Obama

American Grown Book Cover

Michelle Obama’s New Book, American Grown

I really admire First Lady, Michelle Obama for taking a stand against unhealthy food and especially the impact it has on the well-being of our children.

So I was delighted to discover her first book, American Grown.

Mrs. Obama doesn’t claim her book is an expert gardening how-to book. Rather it’s an inspiring story of the White House kitchen garden with gorgeous photos, and recipes from the garden.

In American Grown, Michelle Obama says this about the kitchen garden she planted in April of 2009 on the White House’s South Lawn.

I wanted this new White House garden to be a ‘learning garden,’ a place where people could have a hands-on experience of working the soil, where children who have never seen a plant sprout could put down seeds and seedlings that would take root. And I wanted them to come back for the harvest, to be able to see – and taste – the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor.

Michelle Obama Talks About Her Book, American Grown


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This is a real hands on gardening book. It is broken down by seasons and there are illustrations of various garden plots. Obviously this book was a team effort. We meet the WH gardening team. There are all kinds of gardening tips, recipes, and anecdotes, here. This book has so many wonderful photos and illustrations! I can’t wait to try out this recipe for collard greens! This book makes me proud to be an American. Thanks to you, Mrs. Obama! ~Richard Cumming

Michelle has written an engaging book of her gardening experiences at the White House, some history of WWII Victory Gardens, Community Gardens, recipes, getting children involved, etc… The photography is stunning on my Kindle Fire. ~L.M.Mcclure

This book will raise the interest of children if read with the adults in the house. A large backyard garden is not the only way to grow greens and kids can plant herbs lettuce and such in pots. The First Lady’s initiative to increase healthly options for kids has encourage me and my friends to start a community garden. The kids are active with planting and weeding and guess what it gets them outside too. They also learn about local produce and new vegetables. Thanks to Mrs. Obama. ~Suzanne E. Schwab, PhD

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