Best Hummingbird Attracting Plants

flower attracts hummingbird

Do you love to watch hummingbirds and would like to attract them to your yard? You can install hummingbird feeders. But then you have to clean them and keep them filled with sugar-water solution. A much easier way for you and more natural for the hummingbirds is to plant the best hummingbird attracting plants in your garden or go all out and create a hummingbird habitat.

According to Bill Hilton Jr, from Operation RubyThroat: The Hummingbird Project, a hummingbird habitat is different from a garden:

“A garden may contain just a few nectar-producing plants, while a true Hummingbird Habitat includes all types of hummingbird flowers (herbaceous plants, vines, shrubs, and trees of varied heights and bloom dates) and provides space for hummingbirds to nest and locations in which they can roost and find shelter from the elements. The well-designed Hummingbird Habitat also includes several properly maintained feeders and a water element such as a mister in which hummingbirds can bathe. The most effective Hummingbird Habitats attract and nurture tiny insects and spiders that hummingbirds use as sources for fats and proteins.”

Best Hummingbird Attracting Plants

“Many hummingbird plants will grow in full sun, or at least in locations that get some direct sunlight during the day. A few are shade-tolerant and will grow underneath a relatively dense canopy of trees.”

“Although many gardeners may have selection of plants that they plant to attract hummingbirds, the following list includes those native plants judged by Operation RubyThroat to be the ‘Top Ten’ found naturally within the breeding range of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, Archilochus colubris.”

  1. Trumpet Creeper, Campsis radicans
  2. Beebalm or Oswego Tea, Monarda didyma
  3. Trumpet Honeysuckle, Lonicera sempervirens
  4. Cardinal Flower, Lobelia cardinalis
  5. Spotted Jewelweed, Impatiens capensis
  6. Red Columbine, Aquilegia canadense
  7. Canada Lily, Lilium canadense
  8. Indian Pink, Spigelia marilandica
  9. Red Buckeye, Aesculus pavia
  10. Mountain Rosebay or Catawba Rhododendron, Rhododendron catawbiense


If you want to attract hummingbirds to your yard, you can’t go wrong planting some of Bill’s top ten plants. Please let me know how it goes in the comments below.