Is Organic Food Really Better?


Here at MyGardeningTips, we embrace organic gardening because we like our food free of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and genetic modifications as well as for its holistic benefits of healthier soil and water, sustainability, increased biodiversity, and many more. Besides, we think organic food just plain tastes better and the chemicals in garden supply centers make […]

Healing Garden for Mother’s Day


Kelly Reynaud was diagnosed with advanced stages of ovarian cancer. During a ride home from the hospital, her son, Louis, was inspired with the idea to help Kelly fight the cancer by building her a garden. The garden will contain a variety of flowers and vegetables, and personalized stones with messages of love, support and […]

Lead in Garden Hoses? New Study Finds Toxic Chemicals in Gardening Tools


You’re gardening organically because you’re concerned about the effects of toxic chemicals on your and your family’s health. But what about the lead in garden hoses and other toxic chemicals in gardening tools? In a new study released last Thursday, the non-profit environmental group, Ecology Center, tested 179 popular gardening tools including hoses, gloves, kneeling […]

Gardening for Stress Relief


One of my main goals here at My Gardening Tips is not only to offer the best tips on how to garden, but also to branch out into ways gardening can benefit your physical and mental health. Gardening has many things to teach us. Today it’s gardening for stress relief. “Every stress leaves an indelible […]