Where To Buy Venus Fly Trap?


Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) have just arrived at the best garden supply store in my area, and that’s where I’d go to buy a Venus Flytrap. But I live in the San Francisco Bay Area which has a large variety of tropical, subtropical, and exotic plants including carnivorous plants available. Depending on where you live […]

Tip Or Myth? Celebrity Gardener Debunks Common Gardening Myths [Video]


Do you know if these common gardening myths are true or false? The host of “CTV Morning Live” got most of them wrong. Common Gardening Myths Should you water your plants on a hot sunny day? Are organic herbicides and pesticides less toxic? Are gas-powered tools more or less environmentally friendly than batteries? Are beer […]

Gardening: Can You Reuse Mulch Year after Year?

Mulched landscaping reused year after year

I’ve been seeing quite a few people asking this question about spring gardening: “Can you reuse mulch year after year?”. The answer depends on the type of mulch and if it’s harboring any diseases or weed seeds. Mulching your garden beds will help retain moisture, provide nutrients, regulate the temperature, and control the growth and […]