Autumn Gardening Tip – Plant Pansies


Plant pansies in October and November. If you live in a warmer climate (zones 9-11) like I do, mulch lightly and you can enjoy their cheerful color most of the winter. In zones 4-8, mulch them deeply when the ground freezes, and they’ll bloom as soon as the temperatures warm up in the spring. Pansies […]

Cooler Times Ahead


The cooler breezes are the calling-card of fall. Signaling the transition from sweltering summer to a cooler time of year, the fresh fall breeze is a gardener’s delight. Gentler on the delicate flowers than the scorching summer sun, fall is such a joy. It does however bring with it some hard work, as leaves tumble […]

Best Edible Garden Plants


Do you want a beautiful garden that you can also eat? Have a look at our favorite edible garden plants. Maybe your backyard is too small to grow all the vegetables you want. And the front yard has to look nice for neighbors and passersby. You can tuck edible flowers and plants in among your […]

6 Tips to Save Water in the Garden


“Improper watering is the number-one cause of garden plant deaths.” ~Burpee Complete Gardener Plants need water for all their essential functions. The roots can only absorb nutrients that are disolved in water. Plants, like people, are mostly water, and water gives structure to the stems and leaves. Lose this water and the plant becomes limp, […]

Grow Basil Indoors and Enjoy Fresh All Year


If you love Italian cooking and tomatoes, fresh basil is essential. Basil loses most of its flavor when dried and tastes a little like hay — much different from the fresh herb. Although basil grows best outdoors, you can grow basil indoors in a pot and pick it fresh to enjoy during the winter. Grow […]

Top 10 Partial Shade Perennials

Astilbe Arendsii

Lack of adequate sunlight is one of the most difficult problems gardeners can face. What kind of shade do you have? It could be dappled shade from trees, dense shade, bright indirect light, partial shade with some hours of sun. Once you’ve observed how much sun the area really gets at different times, you can […]

Best Hummingbird Attracting Plants


Do you love to watch hummingbirds and would like to attract them to your yard? You can install hummingbird feeders. But then you have to clean them and keep them filled with sugar-water solution. A much easier way for you and more natural for the hummingbirds is to plant the best hummingbird attracting plants in […]

How To Start Indoor Vegetable Gardening?

There are many reasons for wanting to grow vegetables indoors. First, even if you have a regular garden outside, you can extend the growing season by starting plants indoors in late winter or early spring. Then, you can enjoy home-grown delicious vegetables through the winter by starting plants in the fall and bringing them in […]

Gardening with Hydrogen Peroxide


Maybe you use hydrogen peroxide as a bleach, disinfectant or mouthwash, but did you know that gardening with hydrogen peroxide results in faster seed germination, enhances the plant’s root development, and discourages mold, fungus, and damping off? Hydrogen peroxide does all this with the miracle of oxygen that is released when it breaks down into […]

Common Cooking Herbs You Can Grow


Using fresh culinary herbs will enhance the flavor of food without adding fat, salt, sugar, or calories. Here’s a list of common cooking herbs you can grow in your garden, in pots, or mixed in with landscaping. Herbs are easy to grow and require little work to take care of. Herbs fresh from the garden […]