Best Venus Fly Trap Video


Venus Flytrap snapping shut on a fly Venus Flytrap is the most common carnivorous plant and I wanted to see it in action before buying one. So I started looking at venus fly trap videos on YouTube. Most of them were pretty funky, even inaccurate, with one guy having to push the fly in with […]

Tip Or Myth? Celebrity Gardener Debunks Common Gardening Myths [Video]


Do you know if these common gardening myths are true or false? The host of “CTV Morning Live” got most of them wrong. Common Gardening Myths Should you water your plants on a hot sunny day? Are organic herbicides and pesticides less toxic? Are gas-powered tools more or less environmentally friendly than batteries? Are beer […]

Should You Store Vegetables in the Refrigerator?

How did we store food before we handed that job over to technology? Korean designer, Jihyun Ryou, took on that challenge in her project, Save Food from the Fridge by resurrecting “traditional oral knowledge” from elders, farmers, and anyone who remembers a more natural lifestyle. She believes that by “Observing the food and therefore changing […]

How To Start Indoor Vegetable Gardening?

There are many reasons for wanting to grow vegetables indoors. First, even if you have a regular garden outside, you can extend the growing season by starting plants indoors in late winter or early spring. Then, you can enjoy home-grown delicious vegetables through the winter by starting plants in the fall and bringing them in […]

Time Lapse Video of Seedlings Growing

Time Lapse Video: Radishes Growing

Have you ever wondered what the seeds are doing below the ground and how plants grow? I just love this short fun video I found on YouTube that shows radish seeds sprouting and growing. There’s a cut-away of the soil, so first you see the seeds germinate and put the roots down. Then the radish […]

Starting Plants from Seeds Video

starting plants from seed video

I’m a little late getting starting with the garden this year because of moving half-way around the world. So I needed a fast, easy way to start some plants from seeds indoors. Today, I planted the seeds for the plants that will go in the first raised garden bed. And I shot a video on […]

Cute Composting and Recycling Video

Screen Shot 2012-04-18 at 10.34.42 AM

I was poking around the web learning about composting, when I found this cute composting video. Composting is an important aspect of growing your own food, even in a small apartment yard. Both as a way to recycle kitchen and garden wastes, and to improve and enrich the soil in the organic garden. Buying compost […]