My First Seeds Sprouted!

2012-04-28 My seeds germinated

Oh my gosh! I went to check the water on the seeds I planted last Wednesday (3 days ago) and many have sprouted. They literally sprouted and grew like this since yesterday. Even after planting thousands of seeds, it’s still a surprise and a miracle when they come up. The Kale Toscano (Italian) is up […]

Starting Plants from Seeds Video

starting plants from seed video

I’m a little late getting starting with the garden this year because of moving half-way around the world. So I needed a fast, easy way to start some plants from seeds indoors. Today, I planted the seeds for the plants that will go in the first raised garden bed. And I shot a video on […]

Planning My Apartment Garden


I recently moved back to California after living in Italy for thirteen years. I have a very small apartment, but it does have an enclosed patio and yard. The garden has been neglected for years. I see a lot of potential there and have been dreaming of growing some of my own food. So I […]