Best Venus Fly Trap Video


Venus Flytrap snapping shut on a fly Venus Flytrap is the most common carnivorous plant and I wanted to see it in action before buying one. So I started looking at venus fly trap videos on YouTube. Most of them were pretty funky, even inaccurate, with one guy having to push the fly in with […]

Where To Buy Venus Fly Trap?


Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) have just arrived at the best garden supply store in my area, and that’s where I’d go to buy a Venus Flytrap. But I live in the San Francisco Bay Area which has a large variety of tropical, subtropical, and exotic plants including carnivorous plants available. Depending on where you live […]

5 Carnivorous Plants For Kids


Children of all ages love these carnivorous plants. I don’t know if it’s the gruesomeness of plants that catch and eat meat or the fascination with plants that move. But helping kids grow carnivorous plants is an exciting and interesting way to introduce them to gardening. And for the budding scientist, tending their own plants […]