10 Easy to Follow Steps to Gardening on a Budget

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Did you know that you can grow a garden virtually anywhere you live?

So if you don’t have acres upon acres of land, don’t think that you have to throw in the gardening towel. If you live in an apartment, you can probably container garden. If you live in the suburbs, you can raise a small raised garden bed.

But if you do live where you have a small amount of acreage or a large amount of acreage, then you can definitely grow a garden.

Yet, even if you can find a way to garden, what if your budget is super tight and you aren’t sure you can afford everything you need to create a garden?

Then I say, keep reading because I have lots of helpful information to help you create a productive garden on a shoestring budget.

Gardening on a Budget

Here is how to garden on a budget:

1. DIY Compost DIY Compost BinDIY Compost Bin

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