10 Fast-Climbing Flowering Vines for Your Garden

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These fast-growing climbers can hide unwelcome features, cover bare walls and fences, and lend an air of wilderness to even the most staid landscape.

Take a look at these 10 fast-climbing flowering vines and find an inspiration for your garden:

Coral honeysuckle  Zones 4-9

This perennial has a long bloom time, from mid June till September, and it has such a strong scent that it will perfume your entire garden! Coral honeysuckle will twine around anything in its path, scaling a 10 to 15 foot trellis in a single season and attract hummingbirds too!

Moonflower  Annual

This plant features a fragrant white flowers that open from sundown to sunup, midsummer to early autumn, and you will literally watch them unfurl at dusk. The vine can reach heights more than 15 feet, however, you will have to sow several in order to achieve the lush effect above.

Wisteria  Zones 5-9

Wisteria is a hardy and fast growing, and prefers moist, well-drained soil and sunny locations. It is at its best when it can climb up a wall, trellis, or tree, and it can become very large – as high as 66 feet!

Chocolate Vine 

This twining wine can reach up to 30 feet, or even more in height. Its delicate flowers have a spicy, chocolaty fragrance.

Star Jasmine  Zones 8-10

This fragrant evergreen is widely planted in California gardens, and it looks great on walls, garden posts, and trellises, but you can also use it as a groundcover!

Virginia Creeper  Zones 4-9

You need a quick cover? Virginia Creeper can help you. It is a fast-growing vine that clings to walls and other surfaces. Its leaves turn brilliant colors in fall.

Etoile Violette Clematis  Zones 4-9

Ideal for warmer areas where large-flowered climatis won’t grow, this lovely vine produces brilliantly colored blooms.

Sweet autumn clematis Zones 4-9

This vine doesn’t grow tall, it grows wide and ensures a full coverage. It has tiny flowers which bloom in late summer and early fall. Did we mention this plant tolerates most soil and sun conditions? Amazing!

Hops  Zones 4-8

Known as a key beer ingredient, the hop vine brings good taste to a garden as well. In mid to late summer its large leaves are joined by chartreuse cones that bring as much drama as any flower. Plus, this baby can climb 12 inches per day, topping out at around 25 feet.

Hyacinth bean Annual

Though this bean is considered an edible in parts of Africa and Asia, American gardeners usually prize it for purely ornamental reasons: With dark leaves, midsummer blossoms, and bean pods come fall, this annual offers 3 to 4 months’ worth of interest during which it can shoot up to 10-15 feet.

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