10 Genius Gardening Life-Hacks Both You and Your Plants will Love

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Planting your own veggies has two of the biggest benefits you can ever ask for.

First, you grow your own organic food, so you don’t have to go to the groceries, and second, is there a most satisfying thing than seeing your crops grow and flourish?

There are always some hacks that can help you save some cash and make your work easier. Whether you are making labels, or protecting your plants from harsh conditions, we are offering you the most common things to help you out.

Video: 1. DIY Measuring Stick

This handy measuring stick will always be in the vicinity when you need it. You just have to lay a measuring tape against the handle and make the appropriate markings.

2. Reuse or Make Your Own Labels

You can always reuse your old labels! You can scratch off permanent marker with sandpaper, and reuse your labels for the foreseeable future. If you are a beginner, make your own labels from a cut up plastic cup, broken tiles or stones.

3. Protect Your Seedlings

If the weather is getting worse and you need to protect your vulnerable seedlings, just use an upside-down terra cotta pot as a cloche.

4. Get Rid of Aphids

Since aphids can ruin your organic plants, trying to pick them off with your hands or blast them with water may not always work as the best option. One quick and easier way to deal with this problem is to wrap tape around your hands, with the sticky side out, and pat the leaves.

5. DIY Water Reservoirs

Thirsty veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers can easily  dry out in very hot conditions. It’s easy to make a reservoir from a plastic bottle.This way the roots can drink up when they need to.

6. Reuse Water

Don’t be wasteful! Whenever you use water to boil any vegetables, save that water and give it to your plants after you cool it down.

7. Germinate Sooner

It takes some time to break down the coating of pea seeds, so if you are feeling impatient, soak the seeds in warm water overnight before you are planing to plant them. The germination will start much sooner if you do this.

8. Toilet Roll Planters

The roots of beans and peas shouldn’t be disturbed or damaged. In order to keep them safe, make your own planters from empty toilet roll tubes. When the seedlings are ready for planting, pull the whole thing in the soil – this way the cardboard will rot away while the roots make their way out.

9. Save Space Vertically

Lack of gardening space is so frustrating, so when you run out of ground to plant in, just look up! Not only are there are lots of veggies that can climb up a rod, but you can make your own vertical garden wall too.

10. Plan, Plan, Plan!

Proper planning goes a long, long way, so if you’re serious about your veggie garden, get yourself some software to plan ahead and avoid failures. This can help you out by planning what to plant where exactly, proper spacing, when to sow, and when to rotate crops.

If you really want a veggie garden, get yourself some software and plan ahead, so that you avoid failures. This can help you and make a plan of what you want to plant, where you will put it, proper spacing, when to sow, etc…

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