10 Genius Tips For Successful Organic Gardening

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Not everyone has enough money to buy organic produce from the stores, but this doesn’t have to mean these people shouldn’t eat healthy. Eating healthy doesn’t always mean that you have to spend lots and lots of money on organic products and food. We will present you a list of the best 10 genius tips to successfully garden organically without having to spend a lot of money and having a bad headache later. Keep scrolling and find out.

1. Easy Seed Starting

Before heading to the store and getting some expensive seed starters, think about somethings you can use as home alternatives. For instance, you can up-cycle everyday items like egg shells, citrus peels, old newspapers, or even empty K-cup containers in orders to make your seedlings comfortable to sprout!

2. Get To Know Your Fertilizers

When it comes to the organic fertilizers, there are some options you might have never heard of. From composting and grass clipping tea to some less obvious fertilizers like Epsom salt and vinegar, do your research and find out what suits your garden best.

3. Recycle Your Eggshells

While eggs are great for people, they are amazing for your plants too! Next time, do not throw away your eggshells, instead feed your plants with them.

4. Just Add Salt (Epsom, That Is)

You have probably by know heard of the magnificent benefits of using Epsom salt in the garden. If not, take a look at these  22 Uses For Epsom Salt. Why It Should be in Every Home & Garden. 

Whether you grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, or all of these together, Epsom salt is an organic helper that you simply cannot ignore. Epsom salt can feed your seedlings and reduce the transplant shock, thereby encourage plentiful produce!

5. Put Your Essential Oils to Work

Essential oils have many physical, mental, and emotional benefits for people. But, these oils can help in your garden too. Take your collection of essential oils and use them in your garden to repel pests, prevent plant diseases, and turn your garden into a relaxing greet getaaway!

6. Get the Most Out of Your Harvest

There are many ways you can turn your simple herb garden into an amazing and bountiful natural health sanctuary! Brush up on your techniques, like the one-third rule, best time for harvesting, pruning practices, how to preserve the herbs and more, and create the best herb garden ever.

7. Naturally Manage Weeds

Controlling weeds in an organic gardener is a huge pain. Luckily, there is a much easier way, managing weeds naturally. So get ready and take a look at these  5 Ways To Kill Unwanted Weeds In Your Garden Naturally.

8. Creepy Crawly… Cohorts?

Another frustration is insect pest-control when it comes to organic gardening. One of the most effective ways to keep these creepy insects at bay is to fight fire with fire and introduce them some natural predators! Take a look at this article and find out how to get rid of them organically!  18 Surprisingly Effective Gardening Tricks That Keep Away Pests, Fight Disease And Improve Your Soil

9. Control Aphid Populations

Aphids are dangerous destroyers that can get into your garden and make a chaos. Aphids are among the most efficient, prominent, and destructive garden pests in the world, and one of the hardest ones to get rid of as well. You must protect yourself from them and get some natural repellents to make them go away!

10. Repel Flies and Other Biting Insects

Nothing can spoil the tranquil mood of gardening better than a swarm of buzzing or biting – flying insects. Save yourself from frustrations this summer and learn these 8 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Naturally.

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