10 Most Essential Container Garden Design Tips And Ideas

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If you arrange and organize your container garden rightly, you can create an interesting garden like the look and relaxing space in your home.

Take a look at the most essential container garden designs that will help you for sure!

1.Group plants according to their height to create a garden like surrounding effect

2. Disguise ugly pots and plant stands by placing containers in front of them

3. Mix up sculptural plants with plants that have different shapes of leaves to draw attention

4.Vary plant height with plant stands, or put pots and empty buckets upside down to use as makeshift bases

5. Enhance and beautify the look of pots by matching them with contrasting flowers and foliage plants

6.Keep healthy and disease free plants towards the front to create an effect of lush green and colorful container garden

7. When designing a container garden, plant a beautiful shrub or tree in a large unusual or artistic container

8. Use pedestal pots or pedestal stand to draw attention to the interesting foliage plants

9. Plant hedging and tall plants like bamboo and conifers or grasses in the sides of the container garden to hide view from neighbors

10. Plant several plants in a large container instead of planting in many small containers

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