10 Secrets for Growing Healthy Succulents Outdoors

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Succulents are a popular gardening trend that won’t be dying anytime soon. Succulents grow and thrive in different climates depending on the type. However, with a little effort succulents can look so good. In this post you will learn the 10 most important tips you must know when it comes to growing healthy succulents.

1. Don’t Overwater Them

We understand you want them to stay healthy, but ovewatering is a no-no. Roots can easily rot. And if it’s too late, look for healthy tissue, take cuttings and allow the cut end to seal itself, and then replant it. Get rid of the soil where the overwatered succulent was.

2. Don’t Neglect Them

If you think that succulents and cacti shouldn’t be watered, you are very wrong. They need minimal watering in order to survive. If you live in a region that doesn’t get much rain, water them regularly for a good growth. Plants in containers can be watered once a week.

3. Group Plants with Similar Water Needs

Do not plant succulents near super-fussy perennials that require rich soil and frequent watering. You should have a drought-tolerant, low-water area in your garden to make things easier for you and your plants.

4. The Right Soil

There are cactus and succulents mix soil available at nurseries and home centers. This is especially necessary for container plants. Even though succulents are forgiving and would grow even in clay, it’s best to give them good growing conditions for healthy roots.

5. Shed Some Light

Most succulents need a mix of sunlight and shade to grow healthy. Learn about your particular succulent and what it requires and find the best place for it. You will usually know from looking at its color. Shade-loving succulents are usually in hues of yellow and green, while sun-lovers are more reddish and orange.

6. Protect from Frost

Succulents go dormant during the winter months, when they don’t need to be watered. In fact, watering them during dormant season can make their roots more susceptible to rot, and kill them.

Frost is another matter. Cover with a cloth or plant under a tree, which protects succulents during the winter and summer.

7. Put Them in the Ground

While they look great in a well-designed container arrangement, succulents, just like any other plant, love to be planted in garden beds where they can be fruitful and multiply. In warmer regions succulents will do just fine growing in the ground or raised beds.

8. Allow to Callus Before Transplanting

Succulents are very easy to propagate: just take a snippet, some leaves, a stem, offset, or “baby” and plop into the soil or another pot. But first, allow the stem to callus-over for a few days to prevent rot.

9. Get Rid of Harmful Insects

When your succulent is not looking good, the buds won’t open, the growth is distorted, or you see cotton-like attachments to roots, there are brown bumps on stems, tiny insects on new growth, collapsed outer leaves, or holes in the leaves you should consult to a master gardener site online or get some of the books about succulents and cacti to help you find the root of the problem and get rid of it.

10. Protect from Disease

One sign of disease in succulents is an orangeish, cancerous-like growth near or on the stem. In order to treat this disease, first remove the infected tissue and then put the succulent in a separate container until new, healthy growth appears. Now, clean your tools before you spread the disease on other plants or succulents.

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