10 Spring Garden Chores to Prep Your Yard

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Winter is almost here, and as those cold and dark days begin to fade we start thinking about spring. Actually, at these times, we can’t wait for spring to come. Some even wish if there was a skip button for winter, right?

Well, when it comes to preparing your garden and your yard, the end of winter is the time you should start making a to-do list and getting ready for spring!

1. Fix Dry Stacked Stone Walls

These walls can often become disheveled and loose during the winter months. You must fix this problem if you have young kids around who are likely to walk across the top of it! With a few pushes and shoves, you’re wall will be functional again.

2. Fill in Holes

Critters and pests like to dig around in the backyard during winter. Carefully survey your yard and see if there are any holes you should take care of.

3. Pruning

At the end of winter,  look at the foliage and prune away any excess parts that may cause future damage.

4. Clean Gutters

Due to the bad weather, gutters become clogged. Grab a ladder and take a quick look to make sure your gutters are clean.

5. Take Care of Birdhouses

If you have birdhouses, take some time to fix, clean, and remount them, or if it looks bad, repaint it to refresh the color.

6. Remove Leaves from Water Features

Take advantage of the warmer weather and pull out all the leaves, twigs, and all stuff that may be sitting around your water features.

7. Clean Tools

After so many work your tools might be rusty, so don’t start the new season with rusty tools. Take some time to make sure they are cleaned and cleared of all the dirtiness.

8. Repaint the Fence

When the sun starts shining more, examine your fence and find any fading or damaged areas that you can repaint.

9. Clean off Paths

Winter can be really harsh and almost destroy your beautiful paths. Rake gravel and bark back to where it belongs, reset stepping-stones in their right place, and scrub off any caked on mud or dirt.

10. Cut Back Perennials

Take this time to prepare your perennials for the oncoming spring.

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