10 Tips To Growing Eggplant In a Pot Or Container

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Planting and growing your own food is a treasure. Every parent or an adult should know the benefit of growing their own food. This means a lot if you include your kids to take part in this activity. If you don’t have a garden or a flowerbed, then you can take full advantage of growing vegetables in containers.

All you need is the soil, a lay pot, some seeds and a place which will receive plenty of sunshine and air. Growing vegetables in containers, especially eggplants can be the best decision you have ever made!

Take a look at the best 10 tips for growing eggplant in a pot Growing eggplant from seeds in a pot or container is very easy.

You should plant every two seeds in one pot. The pot can be clay or plastic or a tray for planting the seeds. Fill the container with fertilized soil and make a hole to place the seeds. Now, cover it with heap of soil and water the seed. Leave it like that until it germinates. Don’t forget that the location of the pot must be near plenty of sunlight and wind. Check the level of nutrients or minerals in the soil before you grow egg plants in a pot as well. If the soil lacks nutrients or minerals the grower can face many issues.

Find a 5 gallon pot and fill it with soil

You should find a pot that has a capacity to fit 5 gallons and put the soil in it. This pot can place one eggplant that will have one foot space to grow well.

Use fertilized soil you previously prepared at home

You can do your own fertilizer at home very easily. Just bury animal bodies like those that have been slaughtered for meat a year before. This fertilized soil will help in enhancing plants for container growth and can grow in double size than the regular size as it is full of nutrients. Apply fertilizer regularly because this will keep the plants green and healthy.

Egg plants need heat so clay pots are the best option

If you provide your egg plants with lots of heat you will have delicious egg plants. Therefore, clay pots is the best option when it comes to this issue. Simply add two seeds in the soil and water them in the clay pot. Clay pots absorb the heat and speed up the growing process!

Make a draining hole in the clay pot on the bottom.

This is a very beneficial tip because clay pots are heavy and durable so they can withstand the growing pressure of a mature eggplant.

Wash the eggplant properly prior growing

It is important to wash the eggplant properly and then leave it to dry under the sun. Otherwise the bacterium or their eggs in the pot will grow and destroy the eggplant. If your plant gets attacked by insects use chemicals and pesticide to kill them.

Add two part soil and one part sand

2 part soil and 1 part sand can be mixed well in order to balance the medium. Container vegetable gardening is great, as there is nothing better than fresh and delicious eggplants grown at home.

Add a support stick or cage on the pot

The egg plants grow very fast to maintain good condition. These plants just require some effort and work to grow fast in the pots.

Plant the eggplants seed when the temperature is 13 degrees or higher

Spring is the best time to plant your eggplant seeds!

Always keep the eggplant pots outdoors

As we mentioned above eggplants need sunlight and wind and fresh air in order to grow well, so growing them outdoors would be the best option for healthy and happy eggplants.

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