10 Uncommon Edible Trees and Shrubs That Will Transform Your Garden into a Paradise of Sustainability

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Every day, more and more people are turning into their yards for food, recognizing their potential in becoming an edible landscape. Edible landscaping refers to planting crops that provide food and also an ornamental value to your garden.

If you decide to plant some fruiting trees and shrubs, here are 10 edibles trees and shrubs that will transform your garden into an edible landscape:

1. Persimmon

Zones 4-9. It can grow up to 30 ft. tall and it is commonly found in the South. Its fruits are excellent!

2. Pawpaw

Zones 5 to 8. Native Americans considered this as an important food resource and they named it “Indian Banana”. It has a tropical appearance, and the yellowish fruits gets as long as 4 to 6 inches.

3. Pineapple Guava

Zones 8 to 10. This is a small tree with pretty flowers and an egg-shaped fruits that taste great!

4. Mulbery

Zones 5 to 8. This tree needs sun, but can also handle partial shade. When harvesting,  cover the ground with canvas and shake the tree until the fruits come off.

5. Fruiting Quince

Zones 5 to 9. These fruit can get up to 15 ft tall. The fruits of it are usually used to make jelly because of its fragrant fruits.

6. Gooseberries and currants

Hardy to zone 3. There are several varieties sold in nurseries, and the most common are the red currants and the American gooseberries. This tree needs partial shade and cool weather. Another thing to have in mind is that this plant needs good circulation. You can use the fruits of it to bake pie, or make jellies.

7. Juneberry

Zones 7 to 9. This small tree gets covered in white leaves in spring. You can eat the small purplish-black fruits fresh, but also dried.

8. Hardy Kiwifruit

Hardy to zone 8. These plants have similar taste to the standard kiwi.

9. Highbush Cranberry

Zones 2 to 7. It can grow up to 15 ft tall. It is pleasant to see flowers and fruits, and the red fruits can stay for a longer time on the tree.

10. Cornelian Cherry

Zone 5 to 8. This is a small tree with attractive flowers and and amazing color during autumn.

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