10 Ways To Outsmart Weeds Without All Those Toxic Chemicals

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Just one single weed is able to produce 250, 000 seeds. Even though some seeds are only viable for just 1 year, others can lie dormant for decades waiting for their chance to grow.

Now, everyone has experienced weed problems no matter how careful or diligent you are in the process of hoeing and pulling weeds, as there is still a chance you may introduce weeds by bringing seeds in on your shoes or clothes.

If you feel like you had more weeds than seeds last year, these tips will sure help you outsmart these annoying issues next season:

Know Your Enemy

Before you can determine your best defense strategy against weeds, you must first know what you are fighting against. Weeds like miner’s lettuce, chickweed, purslane, and dozens of grasses are shallow-rooted annuals. Other weeds including dock, comfrey, thistles, and certain runner grasses, are deep-rooted perennials. These 2 types require different control methods, so arm yourself with a guide and make sure you inventory and identify your weeds.

Assault Annual Weeds When It’s Dry

Wait for the weather to be dry and hot and attack your weeds with the rake, a hoe or a trowel. The weeds will be drought-stressed and will surely die.

Give Perennial Weeds A Shower

You can’t pull out the long taproots of perennial weeds when the soil is dry. To do this, wait until the soil is wet (either you wait for a rainfall, or you make a fake rainfall at your home) and your weeds won’t ever come back.

Comb The Grass Right Out Of Your Beds

If invasive grasses are threatening your garden use a pitchfork to fight your beds before you plant in spring. Work the soil until it’s sufficiently loose for planting, then go over the entire area with a pitchfork, stabbing into the ground and levering it back toward the soil’s surface. The tines of the fork will surely catch any buried grass roots and you can remove it by hand.

Become A Mulching Maniac

Don’t give weeds the light they want. Just cover your bare soil with a layer of grass clippings. shredded leaves, pine needles or some other organic material. Weeds will die, and if any survivors are left there they will be so weak you can easily remove them by hand.

Cook Them

If your weed problem is a big one, bake the plants beneath a sheet of clear plastic. Before you cover the soil, wet it (to achieve better results). Leave the plastic for 3 weeks when the weather is hot and sunny.

Let Lettuce Help Your Peas

Why not establish an edible, living mulch to fight the weeds and provide an extra early-season crop? Sow seeds of a fast-growing leaf lettuce thickly between young pea plants. The lettuce will outperform the weeds, so you will be able to harvest your lettuce while you pick your peas.

Squash Pigweed

If you experience a pugnacious of pigwheat, fight back by planting a combination of squash and buckwheat. These two will easily overtake the weeds. When the end of season comes, harvest the squash, pull out the vines, and turn under the buckwheat.

Berry Your Weeds

Plant strawberries to overtake weeds! These plants spread by runners and have a vigorous growth so they will easily overcome many weeds. In Zones 9, they’ll grow longer, a whole year. Try growing them as a ground cover beneath blueberries and roses.

Till Them Two Times

Run the tiller through your beds early in spring in order to bring the weed seeds closer to the soil’s surface where they can germinate. By doing this you will encourage weed seeds to sprout. Then, a week or two after, till a second time to clear the area of the young weeds before you plant your veggies.

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