10 Weird Gardening Hacks That Keep Pests Away And Improve Growth

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You all know that working in the garden is time-consuming, especially if your veggies don’t cooperate with your tempo.

But sometimes the best ideas come in the form of strange hacks, like the ones we’ve compiled in this list.

1. Slow the spread of blight with pennies

Blight can ruin your entire crop. Save your plants by slicing partway through an infected branch and insert a pre- 1983 penny into the slit. You don’t have to turn to harmful chemicals as the copper will help slow the spread enough.

2. Keep melons safe with nylons

If you grow melons in trellis, the weight can pull the melons off before they’re ripe. So, in order to keep melons on the branch longer by cutting a leg off an old pair of pantyhose and using it to create a sling for the melons.

3. Keep pests at bay with milk jugs

Did you know you can keep your plants safe from bugs and animals with used milk gallons? Yes! After washing the jug, just cut off the bottom and place the top over new plants, then, cover the base with dirt.

4. Start seeds in a lemon peel

You have probably heard of this one! It works by adding more nutrients to the ground using a citrus fruit rind. Firstly, add a little dirt and plant the seedling. Then, after it’s taken root plant the whole thing int he ground. The peel will break down and your soil will be full of nutrients.

5. Keep dirt out of your nails

Before you head out to dig in the soil, run your nails over a bar of soap. The soap will add a buffer to block the dirt. Rinse it all away when you’re done in the garden.

6. Keep slugs away with pennies

Do you know that slugs hate copper? Simply add (pre-1983) pennies to a clean baseball or bowling ball with water-resistant glue and place it in your garden. Not only it looks pretty, but keeps your veggies safe and healthy!

7. Plant forks and keep deer and raccoons away

Add the forks into the ground near young plants to keep noshers away. Make sure you know where you step when you go out to feed your veggies!

8. Keep fungus away with cinnamon

Protect the roots by dipping them in cinnamon before replanting. It works very well!

9. Fertilize with coffee grounds

You can recycle used coffee grounds by adding them to your compost.  Just make sure you don’t use fresh, unbrewed grounds because they contain too much caffeine!

10. Grow roses in potatoes

Take rose cuttings and insert them into a potato. Bury the potato in the ground and watch your roses bloom.

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