11 Fantastic Ways to Recycle Tires Into Your Garden Decor

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Take a look at these amazing garden decors and get inspired to create the best decor for your garden by recycling old tires!

1. Sturdy Tire Table and Stools

Tires will make an amazing base for armless or backless stools and a narrower table to be placed between them. If you tuck it in your patio this small set will look fantastic. Choose burlap cloth with a vintage logo or some colorful design. Beneath it it will be a soft pad and you won’t even believe you are sitting on stacked tires!

2. Tiered Container Garden

Choose paint old tires and some bold colors before yous tack them in an attractive shape or pattern. In the exposed centers of the tires you can plant different flowers and create a tiered and colorful display piece that will look amazing from any angle.

3. Hanging Fence Planters

It is not necessary to paint your tires unless the dark charcoal color doesn’t go well with your fence the same as it does with this light gray one. When you hang it on the fence, the bottom of the tire is a great spot to add trailing vines and flowers and make a cascading effect.

4. Tire Tower

Stack some tires of different sizes and make a topsy-turvy tower, or use tires of the same size to create more of a pillar. At the top, plant a bushy fern or some other plant that will increase the volume.

5. Tire Tea Cup

With some extra materials you can design a stacked tire ornament that looks like an amazing giant tea cup. Make sure you add a saucer and handle to keep it from looking like a mushroom.

6. Golden Floral Fountain

How about making a tiered fountain out of tires? Just cut and extend one rim of each tire into petal-like formations, paint these pieces, and stack them to get the basic idea of how your fountain will look when it’s done.

7. Playground Equipment

Kids will love this one! Paint the tires to give a more festive appearance and get a sturdy rope to attach the hammocks to the underside of a play structure or between two sturdy trees.

8. Stairs

Just line up old tires on a hill, fill them up with soil and bark to create an interesting pathway that you won’t have to worry about washing away during a heavy rain storm. Make sure you bury each tire well.

9. Yard Art

If you have some talent and a creative vision to turn up old tires into an amazing sculpture like this one, your friends and neighbors will be jealous!

10. Tire Bird Feeder

If you want to get even more creative with your feeder, cut a tree, shape it and paint it, just like this one above on the picture.

11. Retaining Walls

These walls are constructed like steps: partially bury each tire in the hill and fill it with soil and bark. Stack until your wall is as tall as you need it to be. Let grass grow in the centers of each tire, or plant some flowers and other plants to get a more landscaped feel.

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