12 Totally Clever Gardening Tips & Tricks

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Gardening tips and advice is always welcome, right?

Whether you are new to gardening or you are an experienced one, take a look at these tips and tricks that will make your everyday gardening easier.

• To keep deer away

Hang wind chimes or something else which is noisy ( you can tin pie pans) in your garden and keep deer away. Have in mind that you should move them around the garden once per week so that the deer doesn’t get used to that noise. Another way to deter deer is to use human urine by sprinkling some in the corners where you have seen the deer.

• Mulch

Don’t add mulch to the plants you are going to winter over until the first frost has taken place. If you add mulch sooner than that will give warmth to the insects and protection from the cold weather.

• Seeding

When you start your seedlings, use egg shells or lemon rind instead of big containers or pots. Later when you plant, crack the shell or cut the rind and put them in with the seedling.

• Watering can

If you can’t find a watering can with many holes, then make your own by using a gallon jug. You will need a pin, a lighter, and a gallon jug. Heat the end of the needle and pierce the jug lid with the heated needle. Then, repeat the process until you get the desired watering can.

• Keep your plants fresh when you are away

Follow this easy paper towel trick to keep your plants from drying when you are not home. Roll a paper towel and shove it into the soil with the other of it draped in a glass of water. The towel will absorb water and spread it over the soil evenly.

• Start small

We advise you to start small instead of making a big garden all at once, as it will frustrate you eventually. Start small, let’s say 100 square feet. You will easily manage a small garden while learning all gardening tips, including weed and pest control, watering trick, etc. Later, when you are confident enough, you will expand your garden.

• Prevent your nail

We all hate the dirt that accumulates under our nails while we work in the soil. You need to draw your fingernails across a soap bar to seal the undersides of your nails, so that there is no room for dirt to enter. Later, use a nailbrush to clean off the soap.

• Keep the slugs away

Put some crushed egg shells around your plant and keep them from slugs as they won’t walk on the sharp surface.

• Dry your herbs

Dry your herbs by placing them on the newspaper at the back seat of your car. You will have dry herbs in just 2 days.

• Harvest in the morning

The best time to harvest is the morning. This is the time when your vegetables are full of nutrients. You can preserve the nutrients present in the veggies by keeping them in the refrigerator, but don’t put tomatoes and onions in the refrigerator since the vegetables might lose some of the flavors.

• Vodka for flowers

Do you know that vodka can keep the cut flowers fresh for a longer period of time? Simply, add some vodka in a bottle and store your flowers.

• Plant markers

If you have some old broken pots, use them as your plant market. They will look amazing. Write the name of the plant with a permanent marker and dig it in the soil a little.

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