13 Privacy Ideas That’ll Keep Your Neighbors From Snooping

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When it comes to outdoor seating areas, the importance of privacy cannot be stressed enough.Whether it’s sipping your morning coffee as you watch the sun rise, or eagerly watching storm clouds roll in, your outdoor seating area is an important place for relaxation. Now, check the ideas we have prepared and choose your favorite!

Galvanized Tubs with Tall Plants

This is an easy way to add a screen between your  patio and prying eyes, without having to wait for trees or hedges to grow. Not to mention these trees are very simple to grow and maintain.

Water Feature Sound Barrier

A sound barrier will help drown out some of the background noise of living in a subdivision.

Rustic Privacy Screen

This amazing privacy screen will not allow the passerby’s eyes to have a look at your patio. It also allows air to circulate throughout your seating area.

Wood and Aluminum Privacy Screens

These privacy screens add modern flair to the area, and reflect light into more shaded areas. Looks stunning isn’t it?

Water wall

This is my personal favorite. The water doesn’t allow anyone to hear you what you are talking or see you, and you get  a sound barrier and a great conversation piece looking awesome.

Pergola With Built-In Bench

This one is a great way to add a stand-alone visiting area without sacrificing shade.

DIY Wooden Slat Wall

This wall enables a great privacy, and the hanging pots are just a decor to the eyes!

DIY Lattice Hanging Screen

Add some elegance with these easy-to-construct panels!

Tall Wooden Fence With Mirrored Trellises

The trellises give the illusion of gaps in the fence and space that simply isn’t there. Awesome!

Sheer Curtains

Another amazing idea! Whether you need to quickly change or are a little uncomfortable in your swimming suit, curtains, curtains will give you the best privacy.

Natural Fiber Accordion Shades

Natural fiber shades are sturdier than curtains and won’t toss on a windy day.

DIY Closet Door Privacy Screen

For a more quiet and neat atmosphere repurposing closet doors into a privacy screen with hanging basket holders is just fantastic!

Painted Drop Cloth

A very practical solution! This drop cloth isn’t see-through at all, and can easily be taken down and stored when not needed.

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