13 Really Weird Things Organic Gardeners Do That Actually Work

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From burying beer in the backyard to singing to plants, you’ll be surprised by these wacky yet effective  techniques.

We Talk And Sing To Our Plants

The theory that plants actually benefit when humans talk to them was first published in an 1848 book, by a German professor Gustav Fechner. Scientists actually believe that plants respond to the vibrating soundwaves of your voice. The same is for music played on a radio. My herbs enjoy by Simon and Garfunkel. Sound waves actually replicate windy conditions, and this helps stems grow sturdier to support the plant.

We Consider Worms To Be A Viable House Pet You can’t feed all your dogs and cats with your table scraps. And worms love your scraps. Bring your worms inside in your house with a vermicomposting bin and start making sweet compost.

We Bury Cups Of Beer In The Garden

This one is obvious. It is an amazing way to save those crucifers from slug damage. Slugs and snails are attracted to both the yeast and the carbohydrates in beer. They crawl into the cup and drown because they are unable to crawl back out.



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