13 Super Cute DIY Face Planters You Can Make In Minutes

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They are seriously so easy to make and are SO CUTE!

Take a look at these 13 handmade DIY face planter projects and make your own.

1. Decorative Face Planters

Creating human faces on planters and adding plants for “hair” is a fun way for kids to bring life to container gardening. Invite them to use their imagination to create different facial expressions and help choose the right “hair.” They’ll also love giving the occasional haircut.

Sketch ideas for faces on paper first. Decide which craft supplies you will use for various features. Consider, for example, a zipper “mouth,” pipe-cleaner or halved-cork “ears,” twine “eyebrows,” a cork disc “nose” and button “eyes.” Younger kids may find it easier to use paint or markers to create faces. Lay out these supplies on a covered work area near your planter.

2. Painted Pot Faces

Easy DIY, big impact. The hardest part is painting the pot white! The rest is lots of fun! These make great gifts, and cute little patio peeps.

3. DIY Face Planters

Dramatize your home with a stock of these adorable face planters with a 3D touch.

4. Plastic Bottle Planters

Reuse 2-liter plastic bottles to create these animal face planters.

5. Kitty Cat Planters

Turn a plastic bottle into something truly adorable with this plastic cat planter, and put your succulents (which is popular now) inside, hang them on your balcony or put them on the table, super cute!

6. Egg Cup Planter

Make your own adorable face planter with an egg cup!

7. Egg Cup Face Planter

Repurpose an egg cup into a pretty planter with personality.

8. Family Flower Pot

Instead of simply putting your plant in any old pot, make one that represents each person in your family using paper, craft punches, paint and mod-podge. Get creative and figure out how transform your family into fun, modern faces.

9. Cute Face Planters

10. Painted Kid Face Pots

Let your kids explore their imagination skills by creating these kid face pots! You can also ask them to paint the pots similar to their friends’ faces.

11. Face Planter Pot

As compared to all the face planter projects, this one is different. You need to carve a face on your planter to complete this idea.

12. Smiling Succulent Planters

So simple, yet so cute.

13. Vinyl Face Succulent Planter

What do you do with all those vinyl scraps?! You make Vinyl Face Succulent!

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