14 Plants You Should Never Grow Side-By-Side

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Companion planting is growing crops that are natural allies side-by-side. It’s a tradition based on many years of observations by dedicated gardeners, though in a few cases science backs up the practice, too.  But what about plants that are natural enemies in the vegetable garden?

Here are 7 combinations companion planters say don’t do well together.

Onions + Peas

You should never plant members of the onion family, including shallots and garlic together with peas. It is believed that thee onions can stunt peas’ (and beans’) growth.

Potatoes + Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes and potatoes together means trouble. They’re attacked by the same blights, so when next to each other, the diseases spread more easily.

Peppers + Beans

Peppers and beans are both susceptible to anthracnose, so if one gets it, they’ll both be infected if you plant them side-by-side. Their fruits will be ruined with dark and soft spots on them.

Carrots + Dill

Dill and carrots are traditionally cast as enemies, though no scientific research yet supports this observation by gardeners.

Cabbage + Grapes

Sowing cabbage seeds near grape vines spells trouble for your homemade wine.Gardeners have noticed this adverse effect some 2,000 years ago. Can you believe it?

Black Walnuts + Tomatoes

Black walnut trees are known for being bad neighbors. In fact, the trees’ roots emit a chemical called juglone, which appears to be toxic to many deep-rooted plants that grow nearby, such as tomatoes.

Lettuce + Broccoli

Lettuce is sensitive to chemicals found in residues left behind by broccoli plants. There is a possibility that if you sow lettuce near broccoli,  may hinder seed germination and growth.

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