15 Amazing Tree Stump to Planter Conversions

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If you have recently cut down your tree, or it was a long time ago and your tree still looks like it’s left out of your garden, now is the perfect time for a change!

Unfortunately, there are times when it becomes necessary to cut down trees, even though we all know we shouldn’t. However, whatever reason you may have for cutting down a tree, it is important to know that it does not have to be a completely destructive action against nature!

You can plant another tree and replace it, but a more immediate way to give back to the nature is to use the stamp of the tree. There are numerous of options for planters on the Internet, and we are about to show you our top 15 ideas.

Take a look at these 15 ideas of tree stumps that have been converted into planters, and get an idea to make your own natural planter.

1. Triple Twisted Stump

The gardeners who have created this peace of art,  turned each cut section into a large planter for colorful flowers! This is a great way to add some color to the exterior, plus it looks stunning, right?

2. Fairy Home Stump

This design is decorated to look like a home for fairies! You can recreate this idea to house your own local fairies and give a complete new and totally awesome look to your outdoor space!

3. Freshly Stripped Stumps

These stumps have a sophisticated look and can be moved around to create the perfect look for your outdoor area.

4. Rotting Wicked Stump

Fill your rotten stump with soil and plant new flowers, and turn it from decaying to amazing! It can become an example of how fruitful life can be!

5. Aged Fungus Feature

Converted into a characteristic planter, this old tree stump now hosts bright and vibrant wildflowers. Adorable!

6. Aged Natural Stumps

The amazing greenery planted around these two stumps and the adorable flowers planted inside provide an attractive look.

7. Fresh Double Tree Stumps

These two massive tree stumps become a crucial part of the garden with their centers dug out and flowers planted inside!

8. Natural Moveable Stump

This design is convenient as it can be moved to wherever you like in your garden. The flowers are your choice too.

9. Palm Planter Stump

These sawed off palm stumps provide a unique and stylish planter for any small green plant, aren’t they?

10. Natural Garden Stump

This example represents an array of different plant life growing from the stump. It looks absolutely stunning, right?

11. Stained Wood Stump

The combination of artificial and natural resources makes this planter unique and sophisticated.

12. White Painted Stump

The gardeners used white color to paint this tree stump, and planted amazing flowers in it! Use your creativity and paint your tree stump the way you desire.

13. Funnel Stump

Surrounded by flowers, this design looks elegant and classy.

14. Fresh Fungus Feature

Colors everywhere! If you feel like your garden lacks colors, then this idea is perfect for you. . The tulips planted in the stump compliment the design.

15. Wicked Aged Stump

Planted into this old looking tree stump, these bright red petunias provide some color and life for this plain garden area.

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