15 Mailbox Planter Ideas To Spruce Up Your Street

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Plain metal mailboxes can be so boring, so why not spruce yours up and make it the envy of your neighborhood?

Add flowers, a planting bed, or even totally make over your box with an outer shell, if you wish.

Take a look at the ideas and see for yourself! We promise you’ll instantly get inspired!

1. Mini House Planter With Mailbox Door

This amazing planter got the shape of a house. The flag remains on the side, easily visible against the yellow paint. On either side of the actual mailbox are square planters that are filled with bright flowers and a wealth of greenery. You can paint it however you desire.

2. Classic Urn Planter

This is an excellent idea, since you can easily move the flowers indoors once cold weather arrives and then bring them back outdoors in spring!

3. Vintage Tin Mailbox

Find one of these vintage tin mailboxes and use it to display flowers next to your door, or attach them to a fence, patio, or anywhere else you like! Paint them and make them modern or leave them rusty and vintage looking.

4. Hollowed Out Mailbox

You can easily remove an old mailbox that’s no longer in use and make way for another planter. Get some brightly blooming plants and plant them inside!

5. Mailbox with Planter and Attached Number

Or, you can opt for this style of planter, which attaches to the back of your current mailbox and also displays your house number! Your neighbors will be so jealous!

6. Vintage Mailbox Herb Garden

We just love the combination of the metallic mailboxes with the delicate leaves, don’t you?

7. Side by Side Mailbox and Planter

Here’s another take on the mailbox planter, this time to the side and slightly behind the mailbox and you must admit it looks awesome!

8. Wooden House-Shaped Planter Mailbox Cover

One of my favorites! This wonderful wooden house represents a birdhouse, and has a special matching flag built right onto the side. How cute!

9. Vertical Mailbox Planters

Rows of vintage mailboxes can make quite a statement in your garden. Unique!

10. Half-Circle Mailbox Planter

One of the most unique ideas many gardeners have chosen to be their mailbox option! An amazing “C” shaped planter with a house on the top and a mailbox planter with a variety of  flower options to have fun with!

11. Mailbox Post Base Planter

What do you think of this one? I think it is pretty amazing! Looking like a tree, a planter and a mailbox in the best wooden look!

12. Stone Planting Bed

This is a traditional but a great idea! A mailbox planted in a raised bed full of small flowers! Ideal!

13. Washbin-Base Planting Bed

The best part of the barrel is that you won’t need to worry about weeding your lovely planter! Simply pick some bright colored flowers and make a more eye-catchy look!

14. Hanging Baskets

This is a great way to add color to your mailbox and change its boring look!

15. Metal Geranium Planter

This is such an easy, cute project don’t you think?

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