16 Fresh, Fun, and Creative Patio Planter Ideas

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There is no end to the creativity when it comes to gardening. We have chosen our favorite patio planter ideas and presented them here in this article.

Take a look at them, and enjoy:

Let’s start with a smaller and a more simple setup: more detailed containers you can place right on your patio furniture. They will add some colorful note and make your patio look aesthetic.

This original setup uses A-frame ladder and matching stained hardwood boards and creates a homemade shelf for a variety of porcelain planters. It looks so unique and creative!

This massive white exterior home wall leaves people amazed! Not to mention the hanging planters look so colorful, as each of them is bursting with flowers against the monotonic white backdrop.

Above the red patio we see large planters with shrubbery adorning the edges. Round containers are paired with the lattice columns at right, and the box planters hug the edge of this raised patio.

An old wheelbarrow combined with a traditional pot will get you back at the time, and add a vintage tone to your garden!

A rainbow of colors! This will make you happy and energized every time you get out in your garden.

This is a brilliant recycling project which makes you use an old claw foot tub and turn it into an amazing container garden. It looks even better if it’s painted in a strong color, like in the picture.

Calming and refreshing project that will only take a little of your time to create! This recycled ancient watering can gives a special note to your patio.

This large patio container garden is fashioned from an old crib, filled to the brim with rich soil and an perfectly curated array of flowering plants. Amazing!

This tropical home is made out of a hammock-styled vessel in bamboo and wicker, and it holds a bulging pyramid of portable planters filled with flowers. The large aloe plants on the sides are glowing in the warm tropical mist.

This tiny patio planter is filled to the brim with details which makes it incredible effective and creative!

Including a partial kitchen setup, the owners here wanted to create a subtle and understated approach. Traditional pot shaped containers feature flowers tucked beneath and on top of the countertop, lining the low brick wall, and standing next to the kitchen setup.

Simple but looking rich and aesthetic! Hanging containers hooked to a rich wood fence that wraps a patio!

In this modern balcony we see some patio ideas like: a fern plant in traditional pot shaped planter, a slim worktable at the left which holds a planter with green veggies inside. So good!

This DIY project allows for an expanse of fresh greenery on the vertical spaces surrounding the patio. The planters themselves are repurposed and repainted coffee cans.

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