17 Attractive And Low Budget Garden Privacy Ideas

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Sure, there are plenty of garden privacy ideas out there. However, if you are short of budget, then these ideas may not work well for you.

The good news is that there are actually plenty of low budget, yet attractive garden privacy ideas that you can take inspiration from. Refer to the list below for some of the best privacy ideas for your garden.

1. Bougainvillea Hedge

One of the most cost effective ways to provide privacy to your garden is to grow hedge. However, if you want your fence to be attractive, you should choose the right plants to grow. Thus, the use of bougainvillea would be the best way to go. They are decorative and showy. Moreover, they produce beautiful blooms all throughout the entire year. Hence, they will not only give you the much-needed privacy, but will make your garden look attractive as well.

2. Wooden Logs Circular Garden Privacy Fence

Another artistic and smart idea to give privacy to your garden is with the use of logs. This idea should not cost you a lot of money since logs do not really cost a lot. In fact, you can make use of some leftover logs for this idea. As shown in the photo above, you simply have to arrange the logs in circular form at a specific area in your garden. Install some tables and chairs, and you now have a mini patio in your garden!

3. Repurposed Shutter Fence

What better way to save money on your garden privacy than to make use of repurposed shutters? Simply paint your old window shutters with any bright color. For instance, you can go with brilliant blue such as the one shown above. Hang a blue birdcage as well for a more artistic look.

4. Twigs Garden Fence

Another way to save money on your garden fence is to make use of those twigs in your backyard. Else, you can check out those stores selling decorative twigs. These should not cost a lot of money. Aside from being cost-effective, they look really attractive since they complement with the plants and trees in your garden.

5. Bamboo Trees

The use of bamboo trees for fencing is also a good idea. Not only are the bamboos strong, they look attractive as well. Moreover, they are considered renewable resources and can be used in home constructions too. There are plenty of bamboo tree varieties that you can grow at home. They love humidity a lot so they can surely thrive well when planted outdoors.

6. Hibiscus Garden Fence

As mentioned, the most cost-effective way to provide fencing for your garden is to grow a hedge. Aside from the bougainvillea, another attractive option is the Hibiscus. In fact, Hibiscus is known for producing spectacular blossoms. Thus, they can surely make your garden to stand out, aside from providing it’s much needed privacy. They are available in most nurseries and growing them should not be that difficult.

7. Shrubs and Hedges

Growing lots of shrubs and hedges in your garden is also a great way to give it some privacy. The good news is that you will have plenty of options when it comes to privacy planting. You can go for Boxwood, Cherry Laurel, Clematis, Emerald Greens and many more. Most of these plants are easy to grow and maintain. Thus, you don’t need to have a green thumb just to successfully grow them.

8. Evergreen Tall Tree Hedge

Growing these evergreen tall trees in your garden is also a great way to provide privacy fencing for your home. There are lots of fast growing evergreens that you can use for privacy planting. Aside from providing privacy, most of these trees can provide some shade to your garden. Thus, if you love to host parties and dinners in your garden, then growing these trees would be a great idea.

9. DIY Pallets Privacy Fence

If you want to build some garden privacy panels without spending a lot of money, then using recycled pallets would be a great idea. Creating this DIY privacy fence should be easy. All you need are some wooden pallets that you can convert into panels, as shown above. Next, paint it with a color of your choice then hang some colorful potted plants. Finish up the look by installing some wooden chairs, similar to the pic above.

10. Trees and Flowering Plants

If you want lots of color for your privacy fence, then grow some trees and add lots of flowering plants. You can choose from a wide range of plants that produces really beautiful blooms. There are those that require minimal care while others would require lots of your care and attention. If you have a green thumb, then coming up with this kind of garden fence would sure be fun.

11. Brick Garden Fence

If you want a durable, attractive but cost-effective fencing for your garden, then consider the use of bricks. You can install it on your entryway or in some place in your garden. Installing the fence might seem like a daunting task, but doing so is really worth it. You may also choose to hire professional fence installers to get the bricks installed if you feel that you are not capable of doing so. The cost of materials should be cheap and hiring installers don’t cost a lot of money.

12. Picket Fencing

A picket fence is not only attractive, but it also gives your garden a traditional look. To save money in building this type of fence, you can visit a demolition site or a salvage yard to check if they got any leftover materials that you can use. Otherwise, you can purchase some cheap wooden logs that you can make into a fence. Picket fence is easy to build. However, it will require routine maintenance, such as painting, in order to maintain its great looks.

13. Stone Garden Fencing

Stone is actually more of a wall than a fence. However, it can certainly make for a perfect privacy covering for your garden. Depending on which area you live, you should be able to find an inexpensive source of stones that you can use as a garden wall or fence. You can refer to the photo above for inspiration. Otherwise, you can hire a company that can source the stones and build the wall for you.

14. Italian Buckthorn

15. Reclaimed Wood with Bike

16. Artificial Boxwood in Tall Planters

17. Recycled Bottles

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