17 Brilliant Rain Chain Ideas

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Incorporating ornamental items as part of gardening  is an important part of decorating your home and garden.

Rain chains, decorative alternatives to traditional metal or plastic downspouts, are a fantastic example of what this philosophy looks like in practice. They come in a wide variety of styles as well.

Some garden supply shops offer rain chains for purchase, but they are also easy to make and customize at home. Many different objects, from recycled household items to natural objects like stones can be incorporated into a rain chain.

Here are 17 DIY ideas to inspire you and give you ideas for your own rain chain!

1. Ombre Rain Chain

These pots are connected along the chain by running the chain through the drainage hole at the base of the pot. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the decorative designs of these pots.

2. Stone Rain Chain

You can make this lovely rain chain with  polished stones wrapped into the links of a chain using thin wire. The links themselves are also connected with wire spirals.

3. Copper Tubing Rain Chain

Here we see a rain chain making clever use of recycled lengths of copper tubing. The tubing helps direct even heavy rainfall safely away from the house.

4. Recycled Spoon

This is a very unique idea where the spoon handles are used to create the chain itself, while the bowls are attached along it at angles to direct water.

5. Fork and Spoon

This is a great project to put together with old silverware of your own, or with a handful found at a thrift shop.

6. Mini Flower Pots

This awesome idea features a basin at the bottom, a useful addition which helps anchor the chain and collects rainwater too!

7. Ring Rain Chain

If you are going for a sophisticated, timeless look, this style of rain chain is for you.

8. Pine Cones

If you decide to do this project or a similar one, it may be a good idea to apply a weather-resistant coating to the pinecones.

9. Stacked Mini Planter Pots

This awesome rain chain features stacked miniature planters. The attached hooks for hanging make it easy to assemble.

10. Stacked Planters

This rain chain is a good option for areas with heavy rainfall, as it is capable of redirecting a large amount of water.

11. Stacked Metal Buckets

The small metal buckets direct water into a tall, weathered metal rain barrel, all of which are made from repurposed materials.

12. Candle Holder

Another interesting way to use recycled objects in rain chains!

13. Funnel and Basin Rain Chain

This rain chain is a statement piece that complements any yard.

14. Lantern

This lovely rain barrel is an attractive way to ensure proper drainage.

15. Rain Chain with Copper Planters

This rain chain is the ultimate combination of form and function where live plants grow in copper containers!

16. Stacked Copper Buckets

The large decorative pot at the foot of this rain chain serves as an intriguing visual contrast to the sleek copper buckets that make up the chain.

17. Ceramic

This rain chain can serve as great conversation piece as well as a practical tool.

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