17 Mind-Blowing Flower Container Gardening You need To See

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Container gardening is rewarding, especially to those who love growing plants and flowers in small space. These flower container gardening ideas will blow your mind. Take a look at them below.

17 Mind-Blowing Flower Container Gardening Ideas

Hang this planter on your get to get full sun and enjoy in its beauty!

The flowers on the pic above are a combination of Kimberly ferns (can tolerate full sun) Geraniums, and Creeping Jenny.  This combination grows like crazy in these planter boxes!

A bold pot and blue pansies that make everything look better. This awesome gardening idea can be used in almost any zone!

You cannot go wrong with this combination. These gorgeous terra-cotta pots have the hearty geraniums and lime creeping jennies.

Truly an amazing idea on how to make a cedar monogram planter box for your porch with beautiful colors, right?

These flowers above are a beautiful mix of hellebores, primrose, and spring flowering bulbs.

The power and beauty of an all-green planter.  So classic and makes a beautiful “cool” statement.

More green!  But mixed with a delicate white flower in window boxes.

The power of 3. If there’s one thing I’ve learned when decorating, placing pillows, candles, and now flower containers it’s the power of 3 that will make a huge statement.

These two absolutely amazing planter boxes are framing the gorgeous front door stuffed with Agapanthus – queen mum, variegated ivy, and variegated solomon’s seal.

These containers are filled with “bright pink and yellow zinnias—think ‘Zowie! Yellow Flame’ or ‘Magellan Salmon’ – my favorite!

Such gorgeous detail, beautiful colors, and lush!

Repetition makes a spectacular statement, and it can also save you money in the process.

The dramatic white and dark flower combination is so rich and stunning!

Lush green with hints of soft pastel colors make a huge impact for this window box.

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