17 Vertical Garden Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

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Vertical gardens are a great way to garden without having to spend all your time on your knees in the backyard.

The creative ideas we’ve gathered for you are just right for any size space. You can have fresh vegetables, flowers, and herbs whether or not you have a large backyard, deck, or you live in a little apartment.

Check out these ideas and get inspired!

1. Hanging Chalkboard Herb Garden

Hang a few of these for a quick, easy herb garden that will be hard for pets to get into.

2. DIY Felt Hanging Planters

These are made from old sweaters and a few buttons. The plants are contained within a plastic bag, so don’t worry about the fabric getting gross!

3. Hanging Succulent Frame

A great way to display a variety of succulents indoors or outdoors. It is important to keep the frame flat for a few days after you plant the succulents!

4. Grid Planters

The metal grid structure of this vertical garden can be built up to suit your tastes. Perfect for an industrial style home!

5. Re-purpose An Old Ladder

This amazing project trails vines up and down the ladder and places small glass planters on the steps for a delicate, simple garden that looks fantastic.

6. Old Pipe Planters

A few pipes with the top cut off can be hung on the walls or fence to create a cascading vertical garden.

7.  Leaning Pallet Garden

Like the succulents frame, this leaning garden is made from a small pallet. The narrow spaces between the slats blossom with succulents and other greenery.

8. DIY Wooden Pallet and Terra Cotta Planter

A DIY vertical planter made from an old wooden pallet, hooks, and plain old terra cotta planters.

 9. Pop Bottle Wall

These can be easily hung in rows by threading thin rope through either side of the bottle. Just don’t forget to wash out those bottles first!

10. Shoe Organizer

A canvas shoe organizer is a cheap, super easy way to start a vertical garden. The pouches are sturdy, and they’re super easy to hang wherever.

11. Stacked Crates

Build these as high as you want; they can add privacy to your yard as well as style!

12. Topsy Turvy Terra Cotta Pots

This is a fun project to do with children. The result is a cooky, crooked sculpture.

13. Trellis Planters

For a cute, easy twist on the traditional trellis, hang tin planters from each of the rungs.

14. Tall Tubes

These are perfect for growing strawberries! Drill holes in the pipe and fix it firmly in the ground. Group several together to really grow some berries!

15. Upcycled Jeans

If you have a few pairs of jeans that are too worn or out of style, upcycle those jeans by using this little sewing project to create hanging planters!

16. Recycled Wine Barrel

You can cut an old wine barrel into sections to create a tiered planter for succulents, perennials.

17. Standing Wood Planters

If you’re up for more of a challenge, try building a set of custom wooden planters. These are sturdy and can be fixed to a fence to add vertical gardening space.

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