18 Mind-Blowing Bicycle Planter Ideas For Your Garden or On-The-Go

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Having some old bicycle laying out at your home without a particular use? Then, you would love what we have to show you! Vintage bicycles can be transformed into the coolest art, and can dress up your garden.

Some of these designs focus on store-bought bicycle-shaped planters, while others are made from vintage bicycles, or even bicycles that children have grown out of.

Have a look at the ideas we chose for you!

1. Tiny Portable Bike Planters

These miniature planters attach to any portion of your bike, but we’d advise putting them on the frame, where they’ll look great!

2. Floral Bicyclists

This will take more effort, but the effect is unparalleled. Each section of the humanoid figure is colored by a different flower, and the end project looks stunning!

3. Wrought Iron Tricycle Three-Tier Planter

The light weight frame also allows you to simple pick up and move the planter, even though the wheels don’t actually turn. It looks absolutely fantastic!

4. Glass-Embellished Bike Sign

Colorful vintage style bicycle that will give the most amazing look wherever you decide to put it.

5. Wrought Iron Bicycle-Shaped Planter

This full-sized wrought iron planter has two baskets to hold your planters, and a third planter can be set on the bicycle seat. Cute!

6. Mobile Garden-In-A-Basket

The metallic blue frame of the bicycle is stunning, as is the contrasting white seat. So, wherever you decide to go, the fragrance of your flower display will be right with you.

7. Red Bicycle Vertical Garden

This vintage bicycle was given a fresh coat of paint and bright yellow flowers were planted on the rear wheel. Hanged on a wall makes it look dramatic and particularly eye-catching. Well done!

8. Bike-Bottom Planters

You can use any bike to create these displays. You should know that this unique garden planter can’t be separated, and will make it a sizable addition to any garden’s design.

9. Five-Planter Wrought Iron Bicycle

This one will look awesome on a solid patio, since the feet of the kickstands are narrow enough to push into the soil.

10. Purple Bike with a Basket

The enormous basket on the front contains a variety of flowers, and you have to admit, looks wonderful!

11. Urban Overgrown Bike

I would say, this one looks like a piece of art! And the fact that it is located on a busy city street only enhances this quality.

12. Fence-Mounted Rusty Vintage Bike

A classic looking fence-mounted bike. Looking old and vintage but well kept, isn’t it?

13. Bicycle With Just Tires Peeping Out

The flowers in this bike’s planters are growing so wildly, the top half of the bike has almost disappeared, so flower lovers, this idea is perfect for you!

14. Twisted Bicycle Planter

An artist twisted this bike around a pole and attached a single planter to the top and made it look so unique and crazy at the same time that people stop to take picture of this fascinating project.

15. Line of Bikes with Flowers

Each of these bikes has a small plant attached to it, creating a row of cute and beautiful displays on the sidewalk.

16. Bike With Children’s Shoes As Planters

This project is so creative and leaves you starring at it for a longer time, right? Such a wonderful work of art here!

17. Rusted Mountain Bike with Wooden Planter

While this bike might be out of commission, the contrast between the metal frame and wooden planter box ensures that it will continue to have new life grown into it, looking amazing!

18. Pretty In Pink Bike Planter

This feminine display is a perfect way to transform an old, well-loved bicycle. If you like the idea, you can plant it whichever colors suits you best, of course!

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