19 Ways to Upcycle Old Household Items and Use Them as Beautiful Garden Decorations

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You’ve probably heard of reduce, reuse and recycle, but have you ever heard of upcycling? This is a new trend and it has been sweeping the internet with its cute DIY style and environmentally-friendly flare.

Upcycling is similar but instead of just reusing something, upcycling means to also revamp it.

Let’s break the process down!

1. How can you not love these adorable rain-boot containers?

2. This paper plate art is will brighten up any and all garden for sure!

3.Probably not many of us have a tub just lying around, but this would make for the best planter. Particularly with that amazing mosaic!

4. If you have some old tires, then you have a perfect hanging garden.

5. Possibly the easiest item to upcycle, try sanding and repainting any old chairs a bright new color to give it a quick and simple update.

6. For those of you who have that ancient greek flare!

7. Picture-perfect upcycling!

8. Let some music visit your garden with this amazing reimagined piano-planter.

9. This takes flower bed to a whole new level, and we’re obsessed!

10.Try turning your old baby shoes into the cutest and simplest upcycled container ever.

11. Upcycled bicycle? We’re totally on board.

12. I’ll admit that this one takes a lot of imagination – but isn’t it just so amazing?

13. In case you want to turn your garden into a bountiful bedroom, because we totally do.

14. This draping ivy chandelier is the perfect upcycled art for any garden.

15. This recycled picnic-chic garden can bright that lighthearted charm to any space!

16. Old-fashion recycled cans will never go out of style. Ever.

17. Chic and succulent – what more can you ask for?

18. We’re still obsessing over this indoor-outdoor reversal. 

19. My favorite. Set this birdcage down any table for a garden centerpiece or hang it to let your plants hang free.

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