20 Great Ideas for Creative Gardening Using Containers You Never Thought of

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If you are bored of your standard clay or plastic planters you use for container gardening, we have several ideas that will help you breathe the perfect change in your garden.

We are huge supporters of DIY gardening and recycling, so we recommend you stop wasting money and buy new garden decorations and make your own!

Creating your own alternative decorations will not only reflect your personality but it will give you freedom to experiment with whatever you want in order to achieve the best and the most decorative and unique containers.

Go ahead and scroll down our favorite ideas and get inspired and let ideas flow in your mind:

1. Shoe Planters

Simply, drill a few holes for drainage at the bottom, and there you have a wonderful container!

2. A Ceramic Sink Planter

Using a sink planter will definitely make your garden look unique, so feel free to decorate it the way you desire.

3. Denim Jeans Planter

Upcycle your old jeans into amazing garden planters!

4. Tree Stump Planter

Just carve out the middle of the tree and fill it with soil. We leave the decoration part up to your mind.

5. Natural Rock Planter

Make a hole in the middle and plant your favorite plants or flowers.

6. Wheelbarrow Planter

What a great way to dress your utilitarian tool, right?

7. Bathtub Planter

Turn your bathtub into an amazing planters that will also make a good water garden planter!

8. Toy Truck Planter

This planted truck is ready to go! It looks so cute and unique with these succulents coming out from it!

9. Birdcage Planter

Birdcages are ideal for showcasing your plants as they come in all sizes and shapes.

10. Repurposed Shoe Holder

Why not plant some herbs and decorate your wall fence?

11. Tool Box Planter

An old or a new tool box planter is ideal to plant your succulents!

12. Toilet Bowls as Planters

Who else loves the idea of using toilet bowls as planters instead of throwing them into the dump?

13. Charcoal Grill as a Planter

Liven up your garden and use your old grill to add a nice decoration!

14. Old Watering Cans as a Planters

Recycling? Yes! Create a pot for herbs and other plants.

15. Washing Machine Drum Planter

Fantastic, isn’t it? The color is awesome too!

16. Baby Carriage as a Planter

Add a little vintage touch and feel pleased while watching and taking care for this planter.

17. Repurposed Red Wagons Made into Planters

Give your forgotten wagons a new life!

18. Flower Pots Using Old Purses

These planters are really attractive and unique.

19. Vintage Suitcase Turned Garden Planter

How about this suitcase planter? You must admit it looks gorgeous.

20. Boat Planter

A brilliant reuse for your old boat!

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