20 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Small Garden

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Small gardens or even balconies can bring as much joy as a larger plot. They’re also easier to maintain than larger spaces, requiring less work, less water and less money.

However, there are some things you must take into consideration in order for your small lovely garden to be successful!

Here’s what you should know to make the most of your small garden:

1. Tiered Planters

How about adding some attractive tiered garden planter? By doing so you will add texture and depth to the garden, and you can also mix it with sum shrubs or greenery for better looking!

2. Upside Down Planters

Hang some quirky upside down planters from the porch, tree branches or fencing to save on valuable ground space. They’re ideal for tomatoes, and will save you money on trellising!

3. Raised Beds

Traditional raised beds provide extra space on the sides for planting, and many plants along the edges grow over the sides, freeing up space on top of the bed for additional fruit and vegetable varieties.

4. Vertical Gardens

Have you considered planting upward? Gardening vertically means you can take advantage of more than just the horizontal surfaces around you.

Add texture to your garden, and think about being surrounded by greenery.

5. Hanging Baskets & Pots

Let’s be clear, there’s always room for a hanging basket or two, no matter how small your garden or balcony is. Use a mixture of plants for eye-catching pops of color.

6. Create a Focal Point

Focal points aren’t just important in large, open spaces – small gardens benefit from having a feature piece too. Focal points include a cluster of vibrant plants, an ornament or bird bath, large rocks, a quirky planter, a bench, or an unusual architectural plant.

7. Dual Functions

Benches can double up as storage facilities, while arches can serve as supports for climbing plants or to hold hanging baskets.

8. Different Heights & Areas

Including steps or small platforms in your backyard design can be an understated way of adding texture and a sense of separation. You can also create different experiences within one space.

9. Faux Grass

Adding a faux grass rug can transform a small, concrete yard into a more pleasant outdoor space, and your space will soon start to feel cozy and inviting.

10. Mirrors

Create the illusion of double the space and greenery with a few strategically placed mirrors. Turn on your creativity and use anything from a small mirror – to mimic a window-like portal – to a full-length affair resembling a doorway will work.

11. Trellises, Arches, Arbors and Pergolas

Many people who maintain small gardens say that these types of alternatives add a feeling that you are in an outdoor garden ‘room’ and lend an air of mystery to what’s beyond the walls.

12. Use Containers

Container gardening has so many advantages over the traditional practice of growing in the ground.

Especially in small gardens, this function is vital, as it means you can revamp your garden with minimal effort.

13. Vary Container Sizes

Perspective is hugely important when it comes to the illusion of space. Achieve this by using large or small containers in the garden.

You can also place larger, brighter flowers and position more muted colors and plants with smaller features further away.

14. Hidden Boundaries

Make sure you don’t have the feeling that your garden is really small. Try and focus your efforts on hiding the boundary line and you will instantly add depth to the yard.

Vertical planters, climbing vines and even your neighbor’s overhanging trees will all help you achieve this goal.

15. Create an Atmosphere

Use lights, candles, and wood-burning fire pits or table-top fire bowls to heighten your al fresco experience.

16. Add Movement and Sound

Don’t let your garden be this boring place, instead add movement and sound that will instantly add vibrancy and magic to an outdoor space, meaning you won’t even notice its size.

Consider adding some water feature to add life to your small garden space.

17. Attract Wildlife

Nothing brings more movement and sound to a garden than wildlife! Contribute to the magical qualities of your backyard – and enjoy the benefits of natural pest control

18. Choose Color Wisely

Outdoor color schemes are just as important as indoor ones, Consider some vibrant flowers, shrubs, and features can make a small garden appear lighter and bigger, while neutral walls and flooring keep the eyes away from these boundary lines.

19. Minimize Your Storage Space

Consider repurposing old doors and windows into your cute minimalist shed, so that you will be able to maximize available space, and throw away all unnecessary tools and other garden junk you’ve been hoarding!

20. Value your Privacy

One of the biggest complaints from small garden owners is the fact that they are overlooked by neighbors and those occupying surrounding buildings.

Consider arches and some greenery to feel private in your own place of heaven.

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