21 Types of Basil That Are Beautiful, Flavorful, and Utterly Delicious

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My husband and I recently planted a large herb garden at our new homestead. I remember when we planted our herb garden at our old, smaller homestead.

We started the plants from seeds and just planted what we knew we would use.

Well, this time it was a little different. We moved later in the growing season so we had two choices. Wait until next year to start our own plants or purchase them from a nursery. We decided to go ahead and purchase them from a nursery so we could have our annual herbs for use this season, and our perennials in the ground already.

But was I shocked when I saw all the different varieties of Basil. I love Basil and use a lot of it, but we started with sweet Basil years ago, and I had never branched out from there.

Well, that changed this year. So I’d like to share the knowledge and let you in on the different varieties of Basil I’ve come across. That way, if you want,  you can branch out in your herb garden too!

Here are the Different Types of Basil: 1. Sweet Basil

via Bentley Seed Co.



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