21 Ways To Keep Cats Out Of Garden

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There are many ways you can repel cats from coming at your garden and destroying it. Some of these ways might be familiar to you and some may sound strange, however, all of them are proven to work by gardeners.

Take a look below and see the helpful tips.

1. Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

The noise an ultrasonic repellent causes keeps cats away from your garden, so don’t hesitate to buy it!

2. Grow Lavender

Cats don’t like the smell of lavender so try and grow it in your garden. Cats will not even think of visiting your garden when they smell lavender.

3. Motion-Detecting Sprinklers

Motion detecting sprinklers are effective at deterring cats because cats hate water. The sprinkler would release water that will surely scare them away.

4. Cat Sandbox

Cats love to play in your garden and this is the time when it gets messy. You should make a cat sandbox as huge as a litter box and fill it with soft and fine-grained sand. With luck, cats will be drawn to this makeshift play area.

5. Wall Spikes

The spikes won’t only deter cats but other annoying animals as well!

6. Scat Mats

Cover the exposed ground of your garden with scat mats. These mats won’t hurt the cats but they will work great at deterring them. The mats are often cut to four pieces. Therefore, it would be easier to fit it to the size in according to the specific needs of your garden.

7. Remove Bird Feeder

Keep your bird feeder away from cats. The ideal solution would be to hang it in a place that is too high for cats to jump on.

8. Use Commercial Cat Repellent

These repellents usually contain predator urine that deters cats.

9. Set Up an Unwelcome Surface

One of the most effective means on how to keep cats out of garden is to place pointy objects all over.

10. Grow the Coleus Canina

This plant is also called the scaredy cat plant because of its ability to scare cats away, so the best thing you can do is consider growing it in your garden.

11. Use Non-toxic Scents

Cats can easily smell anything they don’t like and will immediately peace out. So using scents is a great way to deter them.

12. Use Scented Oils

As we mentioned above cats are sensitive to smells and whenever they smell something unusual they are driven away. So, if you don’t like the idea of growing herbs or plants, consider using scented oils or dried herbs.

13. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are a great way to get rid of cats. Just spread coffee grounds all over your garden. Scatter a thin layer of the coffee grounds directly into the soil.

14. Install Lattice Fencing

The fencing will keep your garden protected against intruders, including cats. Moreover, the gaps in between the fencing are small enough for cats to even get through.

15. Electric Fencing

Installing an electric fencing in your garden is one of the easiest ways on how to keep cats out of garden. The fencing will not cause any harm to your pets but will just simply scare them away.

16. Scatter Citrus Peels

Cats hate the aroma or smell of citrus. So, spreading citrus peels all over your garden will surely drive them away.

17. Hair Trimmings

The moment cats notice your hair on the beds, they will run away and will look for some other place to poop. So consider adding some hair trimmings in your garden.

18. Remove Cat Scents Away

Cats often mark their territories in your garden, so we advise you to wash their scent away by pouring vinegar in the area where cats have claimed as their own. This will drive them away.

19. Spray with Water

When you notice cats wandering around in your garden spray some water and scare them away. If you repeat this several times, they will hardly ever come back in your garden.

20. Cayenne Pepper

If you are looking for an effective way on how to keep stray cats out of your yard, then use cayenne pepper as repellent sprays.

21. Lay Chicken Wire

Consider installing chicken wire over your garden beds as this is another way to get rid of cats successfully.

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