3 Compost Techniques Everyone Should Know

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Composting is very important when it comes to healthy gardening. Many people don’t usually add compost to their soil, however, you should note that this helps plants to get more nutrients from composting.

Even if you have the best vegetable seeds, if the soil lacks nutrients, those veggies won’t do well. And only a little compost will do the job. You don’t have to add plenty of it!

Here are three composting techniques that will help you compost more easily!

Trench Composting

This is one of the easiest composting techniques that adds plenty of nutrients into your soil. It works best in the off season when you don’t have much planted in your garden beds. Just take your kitchen scraps, grass clippings, fallen leaves etc.

Then, dig a hole about 18 inches deep and put these materials into the hole. These materials will add the needed nutrients in your soil and when planting time comes they will be broken down and your soil will be healthy and ready to produce fresh veggies!

Compost Pile

Another easy solution is to always have some compost piles going. Take all of the items I mentioned above under trench composting and throw them into a pile. Keep the pile moist by watering it from time to time and turn it over once in a while with a pitchfork so that it gets fresh air.

By doing so, you will speed the break down process. When the compost finishes breaking down mix it into your soil before planting and add it around the base of your plants during the gardening season.


Another great solution would be to add valuable nutrients into your soil. Many experts claim that vermicompost is the best compost out there. I would agree with this. It is nothing more than work castings. Worms eat the material and give black gold worm castings.

This type of compost is perfect for those gardeners that grow plenty of items in pots. Vermicompost is a more practical method, to mix in with the potting soil or peat based potting mix to give your potted plants a boost.

Now that you have learned these three techniques, go ahead and choose which one would work best for your garden!

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