3 Smart Tips for Growing Healthy Succulents in Your Yard

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You are bad at keeping your plants alive? Follow these tips and you will never fail the chance to have an amazing garden and impress your friends and neighbors at how well you keep your plants alive and healthy.

  • SOIL

Soil is the most important of almost all backyard plants. Succulents adore good draining soil and they thrive in it. Good soil means that it isn’t retaining all of the water you put in it and it isn’t drying out right after you water it. If you want to try and get the best results you can try and mix various types of soil to see what works the best for your plants.


Many gardeners drown their plants in water in order to thrive and that’s where a lot of them go wrong when they are trying to grow plants. The best way to water your plants is just to check if the soil is dry and if it is, to add a small amount of water into it. Another important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t add water to the plant itself but only the soil around the plant.


Different plants tolerate different amounts of light. Some plants might suffer during hot days. Some don’t do well in direct sunlight while others thrive in it. To avoid this, try and put them in a spot where they would get the most sunlight.

Beautiful Succulent Planter Alternatives

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