31 Fascinating Homemade Flower Pots Ideas

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The pleasure you feel after you’ve created something amazing cannot be described. We like to call it pure happiness!

DIY is the new mantra in gardening. And with these awesome homemade flower pots ideas, you are bound to get loaded with accolades and praises!

Now, take a look at the ideas we have chosen for you and get started on ideas and inspiration!

1. DIY ceramics flower pot

It is time for a whole new twist by making these transform into stylish flower pots. The ceramic flower pot is a DIY project and has been repaired with the help of gold fillers.

2. DIY flower pot made with tin and moss

Here is a unique DIY flower pot idea that uses old tins and moss to be converted into amazing looking flower pots.

3. Stylish DIY wooden strip flower pot

This is a colorful flower pot idea using wooden strips that have been painted in different shimmering shades and then fixed on the circumference of the plastic cups. Cool!

4. DIY lace flower pots

Lace is an amazing decoration for your pots! The image shows how normal terracotta pots can be decorated using lace.

5. Simple DIY faux wooden flower pot

This is a very innovative DIY project! Its not necessary to have real wooden pots when you can camouflage plastic ones with faux wooden covering.

6. DIY vintage tea tin planter

DIY flower pots with old tea tins can lend a vintage look to your interiors as well as exteriors and they are very easy to create!

7. Hand decorated confetti flower pot

Choose any sized confetti and match it along with the color of your flower pot or planter and make this cute planter!

8. Stylish DIY wooden planter boxes

Have you seen more stylish wooden flower pots than these? Cool!

9. DIY Ikat painted flower pots

This idea is unique and lends a charming touch to your decor.

10. Cute DIY fabric covered flower pots

With these fabric pots as shown above, you can take your decor style to another level.

11. Creative DIY flower pots decorated with stones

Even kids can do this project easily as it is an amazing and refreshing project!

12. DIY dip dye flower pots

To create this amazing pot idea, you would need some plants or herbs to be used for extracting dye color.

13. Large DIY wine cork flower pots

One of the most creative ideas here! Wine corks can come into use after you have consumed the wine and stacked away the bottles along with their corks.

14. DIY Minion flower pot

If you are fan of the Minions, then you must try making flower pots themed on these adorable little yellow creatures from the movie Despicable Me. All you need are pots of different sizes and some pains!

15. DIY flower pot decorated with beans

The pot in the picture has been crafted using beans and pulses of various kinds and formed into a unique design. Its a simple and beautiful DIY project.

16. Creative handmade wooden cart flower pot

Another cute DIY idea made out of wood.

17. Innovative homemade flower pot decorated with wooden pieces

Wood decorations have always been loved by DIY lovers because these are readily available and are pretty cheap.

18. DIY vintage tea cups used as flower pots

Flowers pots in vintage and old tea cups looks so classy and beautiful!

19. DIY disco ball planter

This DIY flower pot idea is most attractive to look and pretty easy to be made.

20. DIY flower pot with a marbled look

The marbled effect can make any feature look stylish and charming.

21. DIY gold dipped flower pots

The golden and light colors offer a contrasting effect, and these pots on the image look adorable!

22. Cute DIY floppy disk planters

Your old floppy disks could come to help when crafting DIY crafts such as flower pots!

23. DIY painted cans as flower pots

Awesome idea!

24. DIY paper flower pot

This DIY flower pot idea has made use of paper cuttings and is pretty simple for all. You must admit it looks refreshing and unique!

25. DIY gold crushed can flower pot

If you have some old cans you no longer use, give them a whole different use by making them pots for flowers! You can paint them golden as on the image above, or whichever color you prefer!

26. DIY stamped flower pot

Stamp art is adored by DIY lovers as this art lends a distinct look to any feature like pots and vases.

27. DIY fabric planter

Who knew that fabric too could be used for making something as unique as a flower pot?

28. DIY chalkboard herb planter

29. Homemade sea shell flower pot

30. Homemade flower pot wrapped with twine

This is a very easy DIY craft idea that uses usual plastic pots and twine.

31. DIY decoupage flower pots

We hope you all loved our awesome collection of homemade flower pots ideas!

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