5 Garden Projects That Are Perfect For The Late Summer

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Summer is almost over, and now is the perfect time to start planning for your fall plantings and projects. Get your hands dirty and do something for your garden to be able to enjoy later!

Now, take a look at these awesome projects you can create easily with a little effort!

Grow Some Garlic

Garlic is ridiculously easy to grow, not to mention how many health benefits it provides! Garlic is expensive in stores, so you’ll get a return on your investment.  People who live in the northern parts of the U.S should start planting garlic in mid-August, while those in warmer regions should wait until mid-September. This means, order your bulbs now. The ordering should be done from a major seed catalog to get the best quality.

Build Some Beds

If you have a garden but still haven’t done anything in it, the best way you can start is by building a few raised beds. This process will take some time but you can be ready to grow in fall. Just pick a spot that gets full sunshine in a cold region, or partial shade in a warmer region.

Remove all grass, till up the soil, add some compost or organic matter, level out the bed, and water the soil 2 times a day. Once weeds sprout give them 2 weeks to waste their time and energy. After this, slice them off with a sharp hoe.

Troll For Leftover Pepper Plants

If you come from the warmer regions, check the local garden center for pepper plants and pick up a plant or two for a pittance. Sweet peppers are vegetables that grow in a warm season and you can harvest it through October, therefore, August isn’t too late to plant. If you love flowers, the same goes for marigolds, petunias, begonias, and impatiens.

It is important to remember that it is best if whatever you are planing to plant in the ground, do it in the evening to give your plants some time to acclimate before the hot sun gets out.

Install A Birdbath

Birds get natural food in the summer, however, they might suffer for water. A birdbath is a great way to bring in birds more reliably than a feeder. It is fun to watch birds coming in your garden, not to mention they will help you clear your yard and garden from insects. You should change the water every few days to keep it clean of mosquito larvae.

Find Bush Bean Seeds On Clearance

There is no more time to mail-order seeds for the beans that grow on bushes. See if you can find bush bean seeds (they should be on sale now), and plant as soon as you can. Several varieties will produce the edible pods 50 days after you put the seeds in the ground.

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