5 Glass Garden Totems That Will Glitter In The Sun

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In this article we will present you unique DIY projects that will add a sparkle to your garden!

Each of these featured projects is unique in some small way. Some prefer different methods, allowing the towers to be made larger, while others choose different shapes.

Regardless of which design you prefer, you’re sure to find a truly spectacular idea to create your own creative variation of the glass totem project.

Check out these 5 glass garden totems we have chosen for you today:

1. Glass Birdbath Garden Totem

This amazing glass bird bath looks so perfect that you would probably assume that it was bought at one piece. Wrong. This beautiful recycled green glass bird bath was constructed from 2 vases, a microwave glass turntable and a big sturdy ashtray. The pieces were secured with outdoor silicone based glue. Each piece was collected from a flea market. For additional color, you can add small glass accents, including the blue bird or butterfly attached to the side.

2. Eclectic Glass Totems

This is a more traditional take on a totem, a glass tower constructed from upcycled glass pieces like vases, candlesticks, plates, and other glassware. This projects concentrates on combining translucent glassware with frosted or colored glass pieces, such as tucking small glass sculptures inside the vases. You can search flea markets or antique stores for glass pieces that catch your eye.

3. Stacked Glass Totems

This project relies on a stake to keep the more fragile top-heavy structure neatly in the ground. This totem is constructed of cut glass pieces, upping the glitter when the sunlight shines through the garden. Pieces like vases, plates, and ring holders are combined and create this unique shape. Find the best pieces with solid surfaces for gluing so your totem will be rock solid and sturdy, even when it rains.

4. Glass Tower Totem

This take on a glass totem uses a flexible rod as the center post, secured in the ground and covered up by a decorative urn or planter. Instead of finding plates and vases, this project features recycled glass lamps from the 60s and 70s, with the hardware between each globe.

5. Glass Totem

The key to stacking this type of totem is to find pieces with flat bottoms, since epoxy is used to hold the structure together. This particular totem alternates between colored glass and transparent glass.

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