5 Golden Rules of Garden Planning

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Usually the prospect of a new growing signals means a fresh start and a chance to grow our best harvests ever. But no one guarantees success. Follow these golden rules for garden planning and you will have the best chance of reaping the bumper yields you deserve!

Rule 1: Provide the Right Growing Environment

You will have successful vegetables if you pick the right location for them. Many vegetables prefer full sunshine, and this encourages strong growth and resilience for pests and diseases. If you don’t have a place that receives full sun, grow crops that can have some shade, like leafy salads and greens. Peas, which are cool-season crops will benefit from summer shade in hot climates.

Good soil is an essential part for any successful garden. It is important to make sure that the ground for your vegetables is fertile and moisture-retentive, and well-drained. You can improve any soil type if you add well-rotted compost, and you can dug it or find it on the soil surface between your crops.

Rule 2: Grow What You Like!

It is obvious, but the point here in growing what you like, is to concentrate on the fruits and vegetables you enjoy eating. This will make you motivated and keep your crops in good condition in order to see them through to harvest. When you grow your own you can place the emphasis on flavor, and choose varieties that promise exceptional quality and taste.

Rule 3: Make the Most of the Space You Have

When space is important, consider directing the growing ambitions to those veggies that are hard to find in the groceries, for instance, heritage tomatoes or unusual colors of carrots. It makes sense to grow expensive  crops, like most herbs, fruit, leeks, zucchini and pole beans.

Many types of fruits and veggies are good to grow in containers. Miniature varieties of veggies, naturally compact salads and tree fruits that grow on dwarfing rootstocks can turn an empty balcony into a produce-packed paradise, as long as you keep them well watered in the summer.

Rule 4: Make Gardening Easy

Don’t let your kitchen garden get ahead of you. Some veggies need more work than others, so if you lack time, choose vegetables that are easy to grow. For example, perennial herbs need little work once they’re established and can be picked just when you need them.

Locating your vegetable garden nearer to the house will make it easier to tend and harvest, whereas pots of regularly-used herbs can be put right outside the back door. Most crops require watering in dry weather, so have in mind there’s a water source near to your garden. Install additional water barrels in order to collect rainwater from greenhouse or shed roofs.

Paths between beds should be wide enough for a wheelbarrow, while beds should be of the right proportions for easy maintenance and crop rotation.

Rule 5: Timing is of the Essence

Stagger your harvests and enjoy more home-grown produce on the longer run. Quick-growing crops like radishes can be sown little and often to spread harvests out. Prolific croppers such as pole beans, chard and zucchini should be picked little and often to encourage more produce to follow.

These rules may be simple but they’re incredibly effective at improving results and yields. We would appreciate your feedback, and experience.

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