5 Ways To Kill Unwanted Weeds In Your Garden Naturally

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If you love gardening, planting herbs and veggies, gardening probably gives you an amazing pleasure and it excites you. However, there is on thing that can ruin your mood – weeds. And although there are harsh chemicals that can destroy unwanted weeds, we made a list of things you can use to get rid of these boring weeds without having to use harmful chemicals. Take a look at the list:

1. The most common way is pulling them This one requires some technique even though it might sound super easy; The best time to pull the weeds out is when the soil is wet, so,  make sure to pull slowly so you get the entire root out.

2. By suffocating them By using a few layers of large newspaper strips and some mulch you can suffocate the weeds, they have a very difficult time surviving without sunlight.

3. Some homemade herbicide will do the trick Just mix White vinegar 1/2c, salt and a tiny bit of dish soap. Mix well pore into a spray bottle and spray the weeds with the mixture. remember to be very careful when spraying your garden so you don’t spray your herbs and veggies since this mixture can kill your crop too.

4. Sprinkle Salt Carefully sprinkle salt on the areas where you don’t want anything to grow, including the edges of your lawn, between the cracks in the sidewalk or places in your garden that you don’t want any weeds to invade.

5. Torching them Many people favor burning the weeds, simply because it is a lot of fun! You can purchase a propane powered weed scorcher at any garden store this is similar to the blow-torch the chefs use in the kitchen like making creme brulee.

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