7 Hard-to-kill Houseplants For the Beginner Gardener. Gardening has Never Been Easier!

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Gardening is an entertaining and rewarding hobby that may seem a bit overwhelming, especially when juggling work and family lives. However, a garden does not necessarily need to be kept outdoors. You can start your own garden right under your roof with some simple but attractive plants that require little attention and maintenance.

Below are some houseplants perfect for embarking on your new journey as a gardener.

Jade ()

Thanks to the ability to retain water for extended periods of time in their fleshy leaves, some succulents make perfect houseplants, thus drastically reduce the amount of time you would spend with watering. Succulent plants actually thrive best when watered lightly once every three weeks, and grow well on a room temperature.

Snake plant ()

The snake plant is a must-have for your home. Thanks to its waxy leaves that also retain water, you will only water your snake plant lightly once every 10 days during spring, summer, and fall, and only 1 time a month during winter.

Rabbit’s ear ()

Rabbit’s ear’s  hairy leaves prevent evaporation, so if you forget to water it for a few weeks it’ll do just fine. This plant is also a fast grower, and you could even snap off a leaf and propagate it on top of the soil to raise a new plant.

String of Pearls ()

This one can be kept out of the reach of pets or small children when placed in hanging baskets, which make excellent decorations. Like all other succulents, this plant is also drought resistant, so water only once every few weeks.

Paddle Plant ()

Unlike the previously mentioned plants, it’s best to keep the paddle plant under direct sunlight if you would like to bring out brighter red edges on its leaves. Make sure you water it scarcely every few weeks.

Bird’s Nest fern ()

The bird’s nest fern thrives best when kept out of direct sunlight and requires water only 1 time a week. Remember to trim lightly whenever you deem necessary.

African Violet ()

If you’re looking to add flowers to your home, the African Violet is just what you need. Because this plant thrives best when the soil and water are at room temperature, it is the best one to keep it inside your home.

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