7 Natural Fertilizers That Promote Plant Growth

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We’ve grown more aware of the toxicity rates of chemicals and chemical products nowadays, an organic trend has swarmed over the multitudes with people making choices to lead an ‘organic lifestyle’. Now, supermarkets have special sections labeled as “organic lifestyle”.

In farming, organic or natural fertilizers have a special place and there are several types of fertilizers today that cater to the needs of organic farming.

Take a look at the list of 7 most natural fertilizers that will promote healthy plant growth.

1.Banana Peels

You can find bananas all year round in the markets. There is rarely a house that doesn’t consume bananas, or have banana peels laying around afterwards. If you return banana peels in the soil after composting, they will provide nutrients like potassium, nitrogen and calcium to your plant. Or you can let them compost by burying them in the soil before you plant. They will help in the process of fruit formation and strength of the plant which is essential for vertical veggies.

2.Coffee Grounds

Stop disposing your coffee leftovers after your coffee ritual. Instead, recycle them as an organic lawn fertilizer. They are excellent in your compost pile especially for acid loving plants like tomatoes and roses. The grounds are claimed to produce some of the largest and plumpest melons, carrots etc. They add nitrogen and other minerals and vitamins to the soil as well.

3. Grass & Weed

If we didn’t manage to get your attention so far with the bananas and coffee grounds, we will surely do it now. Grass clippings are a great organic fertilizer, as once diluted, and set-aside for a couple of days before straining the liquid, grass clippings prove to be a rich source of nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus for the soil. After you spray them over the soil the grass can do remarkable things to your organic gardening. You can add weeds as well because they break down easily and are beneficial for the richness for your soil. Many gardeners claim that grass and weeds are the best fertilizers! So, what are you waiting for?

4. Manure

Manure is one of the oldest means for fertilizing land. It will provide the necessary nutrients including potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus which are essential for plant growth, development, and propagation. However, keep in mind that you should use manure from livestock. The one from household animals contains pathogens that can cause more harm than good. Nevertheless, proper use of manure is necessary as it proves to be one the best means of fertilizing.

5. Bone meal Fertilizer

Bone meal is a really useful fertilizer. Bones that are ground to powder form before steaming and this helps the plant get more benefit from it. Plants need this for stronger development of roots and growth of flowers. So, it is an ideal supplement for bulbs and roses that need phosphorus to boost up. They are a great source of phosphorus, a little nitrogen, and calcium.

6. Egg Shells

Egg shells are mainly composed of calcium carbonate. Broken egg shells will prove to be an amazing source of calcium, potassium and some phosphorus, which, if combined, will provide all nutrients in a fertilizer. You don’t have to waste money on buying lime when egg shells love any deficiency of calcium. For an extra boost, you can add egg shells tea as well.

7. Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Fish and by-products will definitely make your soil rich and fertile by adding a healthy N-P-K ratio of 5-2-2. Your plant will get the essential nutrients for its propagation without any serious damages to your bank account.

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