8 Clever Tricks to Keep Houseplants Happy

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Make your potted houseplants happy and make them thrive whether you are home or not, by following these amazing tricks:

1.Water Wisely

No one wants to return home from a vacation only to see their plants have died. Next time, leave your plants with a bottle babysitter.

2. Or Try The Tub

Why not placing your houseplants in a bathtub filled with a few inches of water when you’re out of town? Entertain this idea, it works!

3. Add A Filter

Before you fill your pot with soil, line the bottom with a coffee filter. This will allow the excess water flow through the drainage hole.

4.Don’t Forget The Grinds

Used ground coffee is full of nutrients and will help your plants grow better!

5. Sneak In A Sponge

If you place a sponge at the bottom of the pot, it will collect excess water that your plant will continue to drink in case you forget to water it.

6. Pile Pinecones

If you have lots of pinecones in your yards, layer some in the base of the pot. They will hep with the drainage, and will make you use less soil.

7. Start With Citrus

Save juiced lemon halves for sprouting seedlings. After the seed germinates, plant the whole thing in a pot in your garden.

8. Remember The Rain

Rain water is beneficial for your plants, so even if they are inside, when it rains get them outside.

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