8 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Plants From Nursery

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Next time you go to the nursery, remember these common mistakes and don’t ever do them again.

Here are the 8 most common mistakes gardeners should avoid! 1. The leaves tell you more

When the leaves are limp, wilted, yellow, brown or black it means that the plant is either thirsty or it is suffering from a disease of some kind. So, be careful and check the leaves carefully.

2. Avoid leggy and lanky plants

It is good to avoid leggy and lanky plants as these plants might have grown up in an insufficient light or may be a victim of over-fertilization and will invite pests and diseases to your garden.

3. The quality of the garden center in general

The quality of the garden center is important. It may sound stupid, but you should see how they organised the center, are there many pots fallen, and check the quality of the soil they keep the plants in.

4.Look for pests and diseases

The pests or insects are usually hidden on the underside of the leaves or at the growing tips of the plants. Check for common pests including aphids, scales, mites etc.

5. Roots will tell you everything

When checking the roots, examine their color. If the roots are soft or brown they are not the right for you.

6.Don’t buy plants in full bloom

Choose plants with healthy foliage instead of buying fully established plants just because they look adorable.

7. Ask, ask and ask

Having some doubts? Not sure what would suit your garden best, or having some other issue or simply you are curious? Ask some of the nursery employees, they’ll be happy to help!

8.Check out the weeds

If there are weeds in the pot, your option is to not buy that plant.

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