8 Creative Plant Marker Ideas that Spice up Your Garden and Make it Pop

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Sometimes it is really difficult to keep your all of your plants straight, especially if you don’t have a picture perfect memory.

With these DIY plant marker hacks, you’ll never mix up basil with mint again.

1. Wooden spoons and printable stickers = best garden hack.

DIY Tip: Paint the spoons any color you like in order to give them an extra pop or leave the wood natural to give them a more organic vibe.

2. Anything is possible with popsicle sticks! 

We love the triangle details – but don’t be afraid to include your own design, like crescent moons or hearts.

3. Rocking these plant marker rocks!

Rock-markers can be a simple way to disguise your markers in your garden. If you’re looking for an extra pop of color to your garden, you could try painting your rocks first before you label them.

4. Back to the drawing board with these chalkboard markers!

Make your own little-chalkboards for simple and reusable garden markers. You can make chalkboard paint at home and create a true work of DIY craftsmanship!

5. Throwback with these friendship charm-inspired markers!

You miss that beaded bracelet you wore when when you were a child with your BFF’s name on it? We certainly have! That’s why we have fallen head over heels for these perfect throwback plant markers.

6. Now you finally have a reason to drink soda – DIY crafts, obviously.

My personal favorite! And the little matching ribbon details? This one seems like a win on every level.

7. And now you have an even BETTER reason to drink wine! (You’re welcome.)

This one is all about recycling – but getting to enjoy your wine and up your garden game? This is really taking DIY to a whole new level!

8. These simple flags are simply too cute!

These amazing flag markers will definitely brighten up any home garden, indoor and out! DIY Tip: Reuse your toothpicks or used wooden skewers to make this markers extra green!

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